Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to Spend 3.2 Billion Dollars

Hello Lovelies,

You may have heard on the news last week that the US Powerball Jackpot was up to, you guessed it; a staggering 3.2 BILLION DOLLARS! That's a whole lot of moolah. It was originally just running in the US but was opened up to Canada, Mexico and Australia to enter.

I've never bought a lottery ticket, nor do I plan to; I got no pennies for that! I did however get one for my birthday one year and won $5. If you win ALL the cash dollars, you would have 640 000 000, five dollar notes... that's a whole lot of {insert whatever you can buy for $5 these days.}

Even though there's zero chance of me winning, you-got-to-be-in-it-to-win-it {although with the odds, chances are even if you bought tickets you won't win either} I thought it would be fun to think about how I would spend 3.2 BILLION DOLLARS. And to do that, firstly I needed to google how many zeroes are in a billion. It seems that everyone is asking le internet, as all I needed to type was 'how many' and it was the top answer. There are nine zeroes BTW!

Next, I knew what not to do, thanks to a guy in the UK who spent all of his 10 million pounds on alcohol, drugs and women in just eight years! OK, well also I don't drink much, I don't take drugs and I'm happily married. Oh, yeah and what a complete waste of money and life!

Now it's time for the good bit, how to spend 3.2 BILLION DOLLARS. I would start off paying any debt - not exciting, but important - for your car, house, business, study and any bills that are due. For the hubby and I, we don't have a car loan and we live rent free in the laundry/storage space under the house of my in-laws. We do however owe Tom's parents around the five thousand dollar mark for our wedding {this was the approximate total for the WHOLE WEDDING - it is possible!} We do however have some HECS to pay the government for our brief stints at uni. I have no idea how much, perhaps $5 to $10K. I'd also like to give some moolah to Tom's parents for taking us in when we were struggling, and we're still here nearly two years later! Perhaps $20K.

So that's debt covered. Now onto helping out the family. My dad is in a nursing home, so I would cover all the costs for that and also for when Tom's gran moves into one too. My mum and sister are doing a huge renovation of our family home, step-by-step for the first time probably since the 70's! {you do not want to see the horrible mustard and brown patterned vinyl on the kitchen floor} And Tom's parent's house could do with some love too.


  • WEDDING - $5K
  • HECS - $10K
  • FAMILY HOME - $100K
  • IN-LAWS' HOME - $100K

Running Total: $435k

Tom's sisters have six children between them ranging from 5 months to 8 years and I'd love to give them a break. Perhaps a cleaner once a month, mini holiday every 6 months, spa treatment every birthday, weekend away without the kids every 3 months and $5K term deposit accounts for all my nephews and nieces.


Running Total: $498.5K

Next on the list, I would pay off my in-laws mortgage, and their loans. I have no idea, let's say $50k. For mum and Nay, I would give them $50K each so mum doesn't have to worry about working as much, to put it into retirement savings or do some travelling. And so nay can save, pay off debt and travel.

Now that the family is taken care of we can have fun thinking about how we'd spend some moolah on ourselves. It's Tom and my dream to each start a creative small business, to buy land, build our home with recycled materials, have lots of animals and grow our own food.

  • IN-LAWS' DEBT - $50K
  • MUM - $50K
  • NAY - $50K
  • TOM BIZ - $100K
  • LIZ BIZ - $100K
  • LAND - $200K
  • BUILD HOME - $200K
  • ANIMALS - $15K P/YR
  • GROW FOOD - $2K
Running Total: $1 265 500

So, we've just passed the million mark, and there is SO MUCH MORE to go! Holey moley, it's a lot of money. 

Tom and I haven't had the money to travel together, so we would get on that. Probably travel around the US, UK, Europe and Australia. We'd be able to do EVERYTHING on our bucket lists. We could invest in small business start ups. Give generously at church, missionaries, charities and organisations who care for animals, the environment and the poor. Oh and also for the arts! We could put a stop to coal and invest in alternative power solutions. We could help all the refugees, providing food, water, shelter, education and medical supplies; to help them rebuild their lives. I feel like that kind of money could put a serious dent, if not stop world hunger.

If you have any money to give, you've been blessed by God to enable you to be generous to others. Give til your heart explodes with joy and then keep on giving! Whether we're rich or poor, we can still give. Don't store up riches for yourself, you can't take it with you when you die. Worldly riches spoil and fade, store up riches in heaven that last forever. And remember God's in control - he gives and takes away - so appreciate what he's blessed you with!

How would you spend 3.2 billion dollars? And what blessings are you thankful for? 
Lizzie xo

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 goals - changing and creating habits

less habit & more intent {link}

Hello lovely friendlikins!

How are you this fine and dandy, sunshiny day? I hope you're staying cool in the air-con or the pool, perhaps the shade of a tree? Today I will be sharing with you what my monthly goals are for 2015! The plan for this year is to be more intentional about every aspect of my life; whether it's relationships, work, study or health.  I thought the best way to approach this task would be to tackle each goal as a habit to change, one per month through out the year. Generally when it comes to making new year's resolutions I get a bit too excited and carried away with all the things I want to achieve, that I end up overwhelmed and disappointed that I hadn't been able to tick off all the things on my SUPER long list! Well, 2015 is going to be different! By tackling one habit/goal each month it makes it more manageable and a higher chance of success. And if that's all I get done this year, it will still be twelve things that I've made changes to in my life. BOOYAH!

Here's what I'll be working on in 2015:

january - water {link} & february - exercise {link}

JANUARY - the goal was to drink 2 litres of water each day. How did I go? Well, not as well as I was hoping for, but I managed to drink more water in general and completed the whole 2 litres on 7 days in January. I'd been drinking a can of coke zero, fizzy drink and alcohol just about every day over the holidays. I knew it wasn't good for me and I'd noticed I always seemed to feel dehydrated, so it was a no brainer to make it my first habit to change. Will you join me in drinking more H2O?

FEBRUARY - the habit that I'm working on this month is to be exercising more. I was REALLY slack over the holidays and then the weather was not ideal; either hot like an oven or storming. Excuses, excuses... I know. My bad! BUT on the upside Tom and I have started walking again. Before we were even dating, Tom and I would go on crazy long walks, just walking and talking, getting to know each other and just enjoying each other's company. We may have *cough* spent anywhere between 5 to 9 hours walking *cough*.  Sorry, just have a tickle in my throat! hehe Ahh, yes, so the goal for February is to do 10 000 steps each day, which I have accomplished 4 times and come very close a few times as well! Will you join me in getting your step count up?

march - faith {link} & april - veggies {link}

MARCH - next month I'll be working on my faith; my relationship with Jesus. I've been struggling to spend quality time reading the bible and in prayer for a few years now, and I REALLY wanted to change that bad habit! So for the month of March I will be spending about 30 mins each morning reading the bible and in prayer with my AMAZING God! I've started already and it's been great : ) Will you join me in spending more time with God? Perhaps you will look into Jesus?

APRIL - the next bad habit I will be changing is my lack of nomming on veggies. I'll be challenging myself to eat 5 servings of veggies which is the recommended amount. I've been sick for a long time, so I thought a heavy does of nutrients was in need! Will you nom some more veggies with me?

may - social {link} & june - read {link}

MAY - will be the month of being social; being intentional about calling friends and family, texting or emailing and inviting people over! I have gotten into the habit of not responding straight away to texts, I hear it's a common thing - do you struggle with it too? Relationships are important to me but I haven't been very good at showing that, so things are going to change! Maybe you're great at keeping in contact with people or maybe like me you need to get more social. Will you join me in this quest?

JUNE - shall be the month of reading. I'll be striving to read one chapter a day. I used to be an avid reader but now not so much, although I have been listening to a WHOLE lot of audiobooks over the last few years! Do you like audiobooks or do you prefer the paper kind? I'm planning on reading a few books from my bookshelf which I haven't read yet. Will you be joining me in reading a good book? Perhaps you are engrossed by a book at the moment! Do share in the comments below! 

july - etsy {link} & august - blog {link}

JULY - is the month that I will be particularly focusing on my etsy business 'Mouse & Bear'. Every day I will either make something or photograph a product to sell on my etsy store. I'm excited to get it up and running, and looking forward to spending that time getting lots done! Have you heard of etsy? I always describe it to be kind of like ebay but it's all vintage or handmade items, from makers and sellers all around the world. I LOVE it! Perhaps you have an etsy store; do share please! I'd love to check it out : ) If your'e thinking of opening an etsy store online, you should check out #etsyresolution on facebook. 

AUGUST - another habit I want to start is spending more time writing blog posts here in blogland. I want to be more intentional about writing each day and providing your lovely selves with quality content, to inspire you as I share what I'm learning and making and doing! I want to work towards posting each day and connecting with y'all. Do you blog? I'd love to check it out : ). Do you have a favourite blog? Perhaps you will join me with taking our blogging more seriously?

september - adventures {link} & october - sleep {link}

SEPTEMBER - will be a month for having adventures! Whether it's going for a walk in the national park, a photo scavenger hunt, visiting a cafe I've never been to, learning to surf or baking something new! Do you have any plans for adventures this year? Do share in the comments below!

OCTOBER - is all about working on my sleep. Tommy is very much an night owl, which generally means we're not getting to sleep until after 1 am. We've already started to work on not playing phones in bed and right before bed,  and also trying to get up and go to bed much earlier too! It's been hard and tiring but totally worth getting up earlier, as we have so much of the day to get things done. When you compare getting up anywhere between 9 am and 1 pm, to 5 am to 9 am you can see why we need to change our bad sleeping habits! I don't imagine your sleeping habits are as bad as ours, so let's kick our bad sleep habits in the butt!

november - gtd {link} & december - less tech {link}

NOVEMBER - is a month of focusing on getting things done! As it draws closer to the end of the year it's easy to to fall into holiday mode, so I thought if I'm particularly working on being productive and getting things done, then I wont get lazy holiday-itis. I'm sure there will be plenty of presents and cards to make for Christmas and parties to plan and attend, so getting things done will be key! Will you get things done with me?

DECEMBER - will be a month of less tech; avoiding watching tv, playing phones and mindlessly searching things on the internet. A time for real world fun times, adventures, birthday good times and Christmas joy! Perhaps you would like to join me?

PHEW! Well that's what I'll be working on this year. What are your goals for 2015? Perhaps you'll try some habit changing too? I'm excited for what 2015 holds; I think it will be a great year of working on my health, crafty biz and getting things done!

love love

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

hello 2015

Hello my lovely friendlikins & hello 2015!

Wow, we are already in February. C-razy! How's the new year been treating you so far? Did you have a very merry christmas + a holly jolly new year's eve? Have you made resolutions or goals for the year?  Have you already forgotten about them, or are you trooping on like a trooper, ticking off those goals like a winner?!

It has been a pretty BONKERS kind of holiday season around here. THAT IS FOR SHIZZLE.

handmade christmas pressies

It all began when I decided that no one was missing out on christmas presents - i was going to be prepared! It looked a lil' like this: I spent October, November & December making christmas presents {crochet bow ties for the guys and painted beaded necklaces for the lovely ladies} and christmas cards {which were old lady cards that I painted bright colours and stamped}. AMAZINGLY I actually completed all presents and most people received cards.

eric & grace and mish & steve

There were christmas parties left, right and centre, the silly season indeed! Our bible study christmas party kicked off the festivities early in December {on my birthday} - we also farewelled two couples who are having babies and moving away! We miss you Grace & Eric and Mish & Steve {and your baby bumps}. We spent the night eating pizza and giving our secret santa presents {I received the 1st gift, due to it being my birthday and ended up with a super soaker which I re-gifted to my 3 year old nephew for his birthday {he literally loved it to death so much that his parents bought him a new one!} Tommy, well he ended up with an origami kit which is right up his crafty alley.

We have also done a WHOLE lot of travelling lately, including:

nelson bay adventures with dave

  • NELSON BAY - a couple of days spent with our friend dave playing board games, card games, eating fish'n'chips, gelato & having a dip at Shoal Bay.

christmas adventures in melalueca 

  • MELALUECA - my aunty and uncle's property near Wollombi, we spent a couple of days surrounded by the bush and cows wandering and geese chattering and catching up with my side of the family and exchanging presents and of course; sitting by the fire crocheting.

  • NEWCASTLE - we spent the day catching up with Tommy's side of the family, nomming delish lunch and partying on well into the evening. Followed by dessert & drinks by the fire. 

nelson bay adventures for NYE

  • NELSON BAY - we were back up at my parents holiday apartment for NYE with Andy & Emma, and met up with Lakkos. Activities included: walking up Tommaree mountian and enjoying the view,  followed by an eager walk back down to jump straight into the ocean! It was HOT. We swam, we ate gelato, sushi,  fish'n'chips, played card games, board games, computer games, went for walks, watched the NYE fireworks & generally had a jolly ol' time!

We have also enjoyed many a wedding of late:

ryan & chelsea's wedding

  • RYAN & CHELSEA'S - was a creative bohemian affair at the park in Balmain by the water. There were hay bales, poems spoken and dances performed and even a cross to signify the importance of Jesus in their life and in their marriage. The lovely bridesmaids wore lilac dresses and the groomsmen wore wooden bow ties that Tom & I handmade. Unfortunately we had to leave the reception early as Tommy had a Thief gig that night. It was a beautiful day!

andy & emma's wedding

  • ANDY & EMMA'S - was a lovely teal & peacock themed wedding with a great talk by Tom's boss Arnaldo. Tommy did a great job at his best man speech! I had the privilege of decorating the church with peacock feathers and ribbons all the way down the aisle. There were fairy lights still up from christmas - it made the church look magical!

emily & julian's wedding

  • EMILY & JULIAN'S - it was quite a hot day, and poor Emily was in a beautiful three layered silk wedding dress! It was a fairly formal occasion full of laughs. The reception was a bit of a drive, but was really lovely. A barn out in a paddock, surrounded by trees, a stream backed by a beautiful sunset! There was plenty of great food, friends and frolicking! 

  • TOBY & RACHEL'S - was quite a drive all the way to WOLLONGONG. It was a lovely, christ centred wedding. We caught the train home exhausted as we had helped Grace and Eric move the day before! {fish'n'chips and the beach were involved- so good!}

We have spent hours playing with our crazy monkey nephews & nieces - and looking forward to meeting one more on the way! 
We have caught up with our friends Brad & marissa who we haven't seen in FOREVER! It was lovely to see their new abode, catch up on life and eat yummy beef and veggie pot pie and ice cream. 

On top of all these wonderful things we have also been...

  • RENOVATING - the main bedroom at my parents abode. We've been moving furniture around the house, pulling up carpet, peeling off  REALLY old wallpaper, so old it came off easily in big sheets! Now we're scrubbing the wallpaper glue to get it ready to sand and paint!

  • CRAFTERNOON'S - i've been teaching a lovely friend Beth how to crochet over the summer. It's been lovely to hang out, craft and bless someone with a new skill. She's already quite confident after a few lessons; practicing and enjoying it - which is wonderful to see! In the last couple of weeks I've made a scarf and four crocheted necklaces and another on the way! 

  • MOVE HOUSE - we've helped Maddy {my sis-in-law} move house into this beautiful five bedroom house right across the road from the church where Mike will be working. All three kids love the house and it will be a great size with another bub on the way and also for entertaining. We spent the day moving furniture and boxes into their appropriate rooms. I unpacked most of the kitchen and entertained the kids to keep them out of the way. 

josie leaves for adventures in perth

  • GOODBYE - i said goodbye, see you later, sometime soon please to my oldest and closest friend Josie who has moved to perth to study and work as an ESL teacher. We went for a walk to the park, lay down in the grass catching up and saying goodbyes. I already miss her... 

brian & jesse's 21st birthday party {so tired}

  • 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY - it was Brian + Jesse's 'two for one deal' birthday party a few weeks ago.  It was full of insightful speeches, catching up with friends,  feeling old and crocheting - followed by a sudden thunder storm that had us all racing inside!

engagement party fleurs and crochet necklace making time!

  • ANNA & TIM'S ENGAGEMENT PARTY - we ended january with a lovely engagement party in the garden of a beautiful home in Killara. It was a night of tasty treats, catching up with friends, listening to good music and celebrating the couple of the night! I spent most of the night sitting down crocheting as I had decided that it was about time that I wore my beautiful teal wedding shoes which I hadn't worn since our wedding, as they are platform stilettos and I cannot walk so well in them!

Well that was a mouth full! Well done for getting through all of that! I hope it was an enjoyable read : ) it's been a lovely,  exhausting and event-filled couple of months! I wonder what other adventures God has planned for 2015? I reckon it's going to be jam packed full of goodness! 


love love

p.s. COMING SOON: 2015 goals.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

birthday/christmas wishlist

birthday cupcake!

hello lovelies!

how are you this fine and dandy day? can you believe it's nearly december?! where has the year gone? it's been a year of patience + excitement + creativity + travel over here. how about you? i always look forward to december. it means it's my birthday + jesus' birthday + making CHRISTmas presents + spending time with family + parties + holidays + new year's eve! yay : )

i thought i would share my birthday/christmas wishlist with you all, so that you can be inspired to find something for your loved ones this holiday season! here we go:


peter pan collared shirt + jumpsuit + gorman space top + polkadot socks

teal clogs + pink jelly sandals + colourful jelly sandals
{sunglasses + filofax + satchell}

karen walker sunnies + cat-eye sunnies + teal filofax + purple leather satchell

{accessories + perfume}

handmade necklace + leather pink camera strap + colourful bralette + daisy perfume + polkadot belt + sparkly studs

 these are a few of my favourite things at the mo. do they tickle your fancy too?


love love

Monday, November 3, 2014

lizzie's life lately - adventures with tommy!

hello lovelies!

how are you my friendlikins? hope all is well. tommy + i have been really sick the last couple of days, tommy more so! i think it was the flu - he had the shivers + a high temperature, so we pumped him with all the water + pain killers + antibiotics - and is doing much better now! it's been a bit strange not being able to do anything the last couple of days, as we had such a lovely full week, packed full of adventures!

here's a peek into our week:


roadtrip outfit

was a lovely afternoon spent celebrating emma's bridal shower, nomming on delish treats + catching up with friends + playing bridal shower games! this was followed by a solo roadtrip up the coast for a sleepover with josie. it was a bit of a tense drive, as i only had a bit less than half a tank of petrol + only $8 to fill up if i ran out! josie + i spent the night catching up + meeting her lovely new house mates + watching monumental men - it's pretty good!


beach adventures with josie!

we slept in, had breakfast + then walked down to the beach - where we got pummelled by the waves + burnt our feet on the hot hot sand. BUT this was all part of the fun of spending the day in the sunshine with my friend jo. if driving up the coast was a bit tense then driving home was all that much worse! i couldn't use the air con, although it was quite hot still even in the evening. i just had to go slowly up the hills + roll down them! BUT i got home just on empty - thank you jesus!


adventures with tommy!

i was up early to pick up tommy from the airport, as he had returned from his NYC adventures with thief! i miss him when he's gone, and it's so lovely to have him home again. we decided to make the most of the day + so walked to macquarie centre which is about 4.5 kms away. it was so lovely to just dawdle our way through the lovely tree filled path, looking out for the bearded dragon lizards sun bathing + then scampering into the bushes when we came too close! we took some photos + ate some lunch. we checked out the new fancy parts of the shopping centre + i got to hear all about tommy's NYC adventures!

fun display at mc centre


we were up early {well early for us! - which is a miracle, as we have both been struggling to get up before midday...} i think it was about 9am. we thought, 'let's carpe diem the poop out of this day too!' so we rode our bikes to maddy's {tom's sister} to share adventure stories from NYC, and entertain marky + jojo {our nephew + neice}. we ate lunch + stayed for a while + then made our way back home, a lot slower this time. we stopped at the shops to refill our water bottles + eat some much needed icecream {the first time since we had had icecream at this store, since the night tommy proposed!} when we finally arrived home after our 37 kms bike ride, needless to say, we were POOPED!


water play with alex + zack {via - tom's instagram}

we awoke early {whaaaat?!} and made our way to tom's other sister's house {hannah}. the boys were driving her a bit nutty + so we came to the rescue! we all had a lovely day of keeping the boys entertained whilst some house work got down, some tidying of the craft room {for some much needed mummy craft time} + painting with water on the deck. we also enjoyed quite a hot walk to the shops, where we enjoyed some milkshakes + banana bread.


we were up early again {crazy town!} + tommy taught a drum lesson + then we went on an adventure to check out a drum store + stumbled across a home brew store. it was a great discovery as tommy may be able to sell a vintage drum kit he no longer uses + a place to sell the drums that he makes! we also have a store that has a more comprehensive selection of home brew materials, for when tommy + his dad get back into making their own cider! we ate a delish lunch of fish'n'chips + then took tommy to his doctor's appointment - as he had a sore knee from all the walking he did in NYC - {27 500 steps in just one day!} this was followed by a surprise visit from maddy + the 3 munchkins, who stayed for dinner + watched thumberlina.


bubble bath time! {via - tom's instagram}

God was working miracles because we were up early again! we spent the day looking after jojo who is a bit older than 2. it was SUPER hot that day, so we ate icecream + played with the hose, splashing the ducks + each other. we watched some kids tv + played ipad in the cool of the air con. BUT the most fun we had was when tommy moved the outdoor bathtub into the shade under the deck, so that jojo + i could have a bubble bath with toys! good times. bubble baths are the best! by late afternoon it was time to get ready for beth's 21st! we arrived early to set up the bunting + mingled for a while but tommy hadn't been feeling well, and was fading quickly, so we left before any of the festivities had really started.

and so since saturday night {it's now monday night}, i've been caring for tommy in his sickly state - but he's doing a whole lot better now - thank you jesus!

so here's to more adventures, carpe diem-ing the day + being thankful for the good times!
i hope + pray that you have a joyful week!

love love

Saturday, October 25, 2014

urban farm life

hello lovelies!

how are you this fine day? enjoying the sunshiney goodness i hope! since it's too hot to be outside doing yard work, i thought i would take this opportunity to share with you about our urban farm life, which looks a lil something like this:

pepper + georgie - 2 wks + 10 wks old

as you all know now, tommy + i live in a laundry. we live in the suburbs of sydney + the garden is more like a miniature farm! how can this be? well, the first thing that grabs your attention to indicate the farminess of the yard is that we have 3 ducks! there is gloria who is 3 years old, and pepper + georgie who are a 3 months old. they have a pond {kiddie pool} and a hutch to keep them safe at night. we also have 3 cats. lilly who is 13 years old and who belongs to tom's parents {max + becky}, and bumble + moose who are 3 years old. {their names are inspired by transformers - bumble bee + optimoose prime}. we did have a couple of chickens but their was a hungry fox who ran off with their heads + left a feathery mess! we will be getting more chickens but first we need to make a better chicken run + hutch.

bumble + moose

the last few weeks tommy + i have been getting into the garden, and i mean BIG TIME. we've spent a few afternoons working really hard pulling out all the weeds + vines that were taking over the back quarter of the yard! it looked a lil something like this:

forest before

and then once we were done with it, it looked more like this:

forest after!

there's still plenty to do! we have HUGE piles of weeds + branches that need to be removed - fortnightly each green waste bin night. there's more trees to chop down + a veggie garden to plant + the chicken coop + run  to make! we do have some veggies + herbs + fruit in the garden. there's a lemon + cumquat tree, strawberries, mint, rocket, edible flowers, basil, thyme, and more. BUT the veggie garden will have EVERYTHING you can think of. we'll have cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, beans... ALL the things!


i'm really excited to be able to watch them all grow + to learn how to look after the garden + to of course eat the delish crops! do you have your own veggie patch? do you have chickens or ducks? any tips to share? that would be lovely : )

stay tuned, for the day in the life of an urban farmer!

love love

new york adventures!


hello lovelies!

HAPPY FRIYAY! how's your day been? are you keen beans for the weekend? i'm just waiting by the phone at the mo, as tommy shall be calling from NEW YORK CITY!

brooklyn bridge + prospect park turtle - via tom's instagram

he's been in the city that never sleeps to play drums for THIEF. there's this big music festival for up and coming musicians called CMJ, where bands from all around the world play in venues all around manhatten, brooklyn and NY university campus. you can check out the line up here. so many bands that i know and love have become well known since playing CMJ - including mumford and sons among many many others!

nyc subway sign + statue - via tom's instagram

so hopefully THIEF will be the next big thing - and then i can travel with tommy! he's already been around australia 3 or 4 times and to the US for SXSW in austin, texas + to LONDON and brighton in the UK.

sxsw free goodies + free haircut in brisbane - via tom's instagram

for now, i will have to be content to getting my dance on at the sydney gigs + when pj calls out - that it's tom on the drums - i will always scream... 'i want to have your babies'.  that's what all fan girl wives should do, because you know what? it's true.

hope to see you at a gig sometime soon!

love love

p.s. their first gig in new york was at a venue called the knitting factory. i would have totes been there knitting! {i suggested a cardboard cutout of me knitting to the hubby, but sadly he didn't go for it.}