Friday, October 24, 2014

our tiny abode - we live in a laundry

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hello lovelies!

how are you this hot + toasty day? i hope you're staying cool my friendlikins! i thought today would be a good day to stay inside + write. today it's all about living in a laundry, so here we go:

for those who don't know, my abode is now my in-laws laundry. i've been living here for 6 months or so now, with my hubby tommy + our lovely fluffy kitties bumble + moose. tom's parents have generously provided a roof over our heads + food in all our tummy's rent free! it's an amazing blessing to not have to worry about paying bills! it definitely wasn't in our plans when we got married over 2 years ago to be moving into my in-laws, but its been necessary due to our lack of income. unfortunately my health has been pretty sucky for quite some time... nearly 11 years now! and due to tommy having to be free to travel for gigs around australia and around the world, he had to change to casual - which meant basically no moolahs. and so here you find me, typing away in the laundry.

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in our tiny abode of a laundry, we have stored most of our belongings. we have our fridge, book shelves, clothes, computer, art + craft things - and of course the washing machine - all in the same space that we sleep! it's not your ordinary laundry, it's quite spacious as it's under the house + was used for storing wood work materials + camping gear, amongst other things.

it took a WHOLE lot of scrubbing of floors + walls to get this space looking nice. also a fresh coat of paint on every surface! there are holes in the wall, where bugs get in - spiders + flies + moths - but bumble + moose are experts in playing capture + eat the bugs!

i feel really blessed to have a roof over my head, a full tummy + no bills to pay. there are so many in this world who have NOTHING, and there is so much that we can be doing to help! {more on this another time}

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part of our deal is that we will be making a veggie garden + chicken coop + run for tom's parents - which we will then maintain + look after. i'm also the house keeper, doing all the washing + cleaning + what not. it works out really well, as tommy + i would love to have our own garden + farm {it's our dream to do so!} and the in-laws {max + becky} don't have the time for the upkeep. it's a win-win!

tune in next time, for a sneak peak into life on a urban farm!

love love

p.s. the pictures were/are inspiration for the laundry decor. enjoy!

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