Saturday, September 27, 2014

feeling blue - seeing pink

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hello lovelies!

how are you this fine day? the sun was so happy and shine-y today, but i was feeling blue. i'm not sure why... perhaps it was the not so good nights' sleep or perhaps it's because my beautiful hubby has been away the last couple of days. {he's been in adelaide and melbourne, playing drums for theif - supporting miami horror}. i miss him when he's not home. even if it is only for a couple of days! he'll be travelling to america for a music festival next month. i will miss him even more. 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' - as they say...

SO, enough blue - now for some PINK!

i have acquired some hot pink lipstick from my lovely sister in law, which i have donned recently at my other lovely sister in laws birthday party + also at a gig. this is pretty much crazy talk, as i NEVER WEAR lipstick! that is except for those few times i may have had dance concerts as a kid. yes there are photos + yes there is video footage too... one day i may let you feast your  eyes on them. maybe...

anywho, so the following lovely photos have been inspired by my sudden wearing + liking of hot pink lipstick.



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on tomorrows agenda: paint nails hot pink w/silver polkadots! oh yes.

thanks for popping by lovelies!

{love love}

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  1. Pink is definitely not my colour but if it helps you fell better....what the heck! ;)