Wednesday, November 19, 2014

birthday/christmas wishlist

birthday cupcake!

hello lovelies!

how are you this fine and dandy day? can you believe it's nearly december?! where has the year gone? it's been a year of patience + excitement + creativity + travel over here. how about you? i always look forward to december. it means it's my birthday + jesus' birthday + making CHRISTmas presents + spending time with family + parties + holidays + new year's eve! yay : )

i thought i would share my birthday/christmas wishlist with you all, so that you can be inspired to find something for your loved ones this holiday season! here we go:


peter pan collared shirt + jumpsuit + gorman space top + polkadot socks

teal clogs + pink jelly sandals + colourful jelly sandals
{sunglasses + filofax + satchell}

karen walker sunnies + cat-eye sunnies + teal filofax + purple leather satchell

{accessories + perfume}

handmade necklace + leather pink camera strap + colourful bralette + daisy perfume + polkadot belt + sparkly studs

 these are a few of my favourite things at the mo. do they tickle your fancy too?


love love

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