Monday, November 3, 2014

lizzie's life lately - adventures with tommy!

hello lovelies!

how are you my friendlikins? hope all is well. tommy + i have been really sick the last couple of days, tommy more so! i think it was the flu - he had the shivers + a high temperature, so we pumped him with all the water + pain killers + antibiotics - and is doing much better now! it's been a bit strange not being able to do anything the last couple of days, as we had such a lovely full week, packed full of adventures!

here's a peek into our week:


roadtrip outfit

was a lovely afternoon spent celebrating emma's bridal shower, nomming on delish treats + catching up with friends + playing bridal shower games! this was followed by a solo roadtrip up the coast for a sleepover with josie. it was a bit of a tense drive, as i only had a bit less than half a tank of petrol + only $8 to fill up if i ran out! josie + i spent the night catching up + meeting her lovely new house mates + watching monumental men - it's pretty good!


beach adventures with josie!

we slept in, had breakfast + then walked down to the beach - where we got pummelled by the waves + burnt our feet on the hot hot sand. BUT this was all part of the fun of spending the day in the sunshine with my friend jo. if driving up the coast was a bit tense then driving home was all that much worse! i couldn't use the air con, although it was quite hot still even in the evening. i just had to go slowly up the hills + roll down them! BUT i got home just on empty - thank you jesus!


adventures with tommy!

i was up early to pick up tommy from the airport, as he had returned from his NYC adventures with thief! i miss him when he's gone, and it's so lovely to have him home again. we decided to make the most of the day + so walked to macquarie centre which is about 4.5 kms away. it was so lovely to just dawdle our way through the lovely tree filled path, looking out for the bearded dragon lizards sun bathing + then scampering into the bushes when we came too close! we took some photos + ate some lunch. we checked out the new fancy parts of the shopping centre + i got to hear all about tommy's NYC adventures!

fun display at mc centre


we were up early {well early for us! - which is a miracle, as we have both been struggling to get up before midday...} i think it was about 9am. we thought, 'let's carpe diem the poop out of this day too!' so we rode our bikes to maddy's {tom's sister} to share adventure stories from NYC, and entertain marky + jojo {our nephew + neice}. we ate lunch + stayed for a while + then made our way back home, a lot slower this time. we stopped at the shops to refill our water bottles + eat some much needed icecream {the first time since we had had icecream at this store, since the night tommy proposed!} when we finally arrived home after our 37 kms bike ride, needless to say, we were POOPED!


water play with alex + zack {via - tom's instagram}

we awoke early {whaaaat?!} and made our way to tom's other sister's house {hannah}. the boys were driving her a bit nutty + so we came to the rescue! we all had a lovely day of keeping the boys entertained whilst some house work got down, some tidying of the craft room {for some much needed mummy craft time} + painting with water on the deck. we also enjoyed quite a hot walk to the shops, where we enjoyed some milkshakes + banana bread.


we were up early again {crazy town!} + tommy taught a drum lesson + then we went on an adventure to check out a drum store + stumbled across a home brew store. it was a great discovery as tommy may be able to sell a vintage drum kit he no longer uses + a place to sell the drums that he makes! we also have a store that has a more comprehensive selection of home brew materials, for when tommy + his dad get back into making their own cider! we ate a delish lunch of fish'n'chips + then took tommy to his doctor's appointment - as he had a sore knee from all the walking he did in NYC - {27 500 steps in just one day!} this was followed by a surprise visit from maddy + the 3 munchkins, who stayed for dinner + watched thumberlina.


bubble bath time! {via - tom's instagram}

God was working miracles because we were up early again! we spent the day looking after jojo who is a bit older than 2. it was SUPER hot that day, so we ate icecream + played with the hose, splashing the ducks + each other. we watched some kids tv + played ipad in the cool of the air con. BUT the most fun we had was when tommy moved the outdoor bathtub into the shade under the deck, so that jojo + i could have a bubble bath with toys! good times. bubble baths are the best! by late afternoon it was time to get ready for beth's 21st! we arrived early to set up the bunting + mingled for a while but tommy hadn't been feeling well, and was fading quickly, so we left before any of the festivities had really started.

and so since saturday night {it's now monday night}, i've been caring for tommy in his sickly state - but he's doing a whole lot better now - thank you jesus!

so here's to more adventures, carpe diem-ing the day + being thankful for the good times!
i hope + pray that you have a joyful week!

love love

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