Saturday, October 25, 2014

urban farm life

hello lovelies!

how are you this fine day? enjoying the sunshiney goodness i hope! since it's too hot to be outside doing yard work, i thought i would take this opportunity to share with you about our urban farm life, which looks a lil something like this:

pepper + georgie - 2 wks + 10 wks old

as you all know now, tommy + i live in a laundry. we live in the suburbs of sydney + the garden is more like a miniature farm! how can this be? well, the first thing that grabs your attention to indicate the farminess of the yard is that we have 3 ducks! there is gloria who is 3 years old, and pepper + georgie who are a 3 months old. they have a pond {kiddie pool} and a hutch to keep them safe at night. we also have 3 cats. lilly who is 13 years old and who belongs to tom's parents {max + becky}, and bumble + moose who are 3 years old. {their names are inspired by transformers - bumble bee + optimoose prime}. we did have a couple of chickens but their was a hungry fox who ran off with their heads + left a feathery mess! we will be getting more chickens but first we need to make a better chicken run + hutch.

bumble + moose

the last few weeks tommy + i have been getting into the garden, and i mean BIG TIME. we've spent a few afternoons working really hard pulling out all the weeds + vines that were taking over the back quarter of the yard! it looked a lil something like this:

forest before

and then once we were done with it, it looked more like this:

forest after!

there's still plenty to do! we have HUGE piles of weeds + branches that need to be removed - fortnightly each green waste bin night. there's more trees to chop down + a veggie garden to plant + the chicken coop + run  to make! we do have some veggies + herbs + fruit in the garden. there's a lemon + cumquat tree, strawberries, mint, rocket, edible flowers, basil, thyme, and more. BUT the veggie garden will have EVERYTHING you can think of. we'll have cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, beans... ALL the things!


i'm really excited to be able to watch them all grow + to learn how to look after the garden + to of course eat the delish crops! do you have your own veggie patch? do you have chickens or ducks? any tips to share? that would be lovely : )

stay tuned, for the day in the life of an urban farmer!

love love

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