Saturday, October 25, 2014

new york adventures!


hello lovelies!

HAPPY FRIYAY! how's your day been? are you keen beans for the weekend? i'm just waiting by the phone at the mo, as tommy shall be calling from NEW YORK CITY!

brooklyn bridge + prospect park turtle - via tom's instagram

he's been in the city that never sleeps to play drums for THIEF. there's this big music festival for up and coming musicians called CMJ, where bands from all around the world play in venues all around manhatten, brooklyn and NY university campus. you can check out the line up here. so many bands that i know and love have become well known since playing CMJ - including mumford and sons among many many others!

nyc subway sign + statue - via tom's instagram

so hopefully THIEF will be the next big thing - and then i can travel with tommy! he's already been around australia 3 or 4 times and to the US for SXSW in austin, texas + to LONDON and brighton in the UK.

sxsw free goodies + free haircut in brisbane - via tom's instagram

for now, i will have to be content to getting my dance on at the sydney gigs + when pj calls out - that it's tom on the drums - i will always scream... 'i want to have your babies'.  that's what all fan girl wives should do, because you know what? it's true.

hope to see you at a gig sometime soon!

love love

p.s. their first gig in new york was at a venue called the knitting factory. i would have totes been there knitting! {i suggested a cardboard cutout of me knitting to the hubby, but sadly he didn't go for it.}

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