Saturday, May 4, 2013

{52 things before 25}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine day? any plans for the weekend? we have quite a busy one! including but most definitely not exclusively a 21st tonight. so what better time to start trying out new hairstyles, i say?! above are a few styles i thought would be lovely to try + also to inspire me to create something new!          

last night i attempted a couple. first was the hair bow:

which was literally a flop.

and then i went for a halo/crown braid:

this one worked out a lot better me thinks! and was the hairstyle i chose for my friday night fun times!

i love having wavey hair after i take out my braids - i feel like a mermaid.

my lovely husband dyed my hair friday night as we watched the pink panther. i LOVE red hair!

it was lovely to have a change, i normally just have my hair out. do you like to stick with what you know or do you like to spice things up a bit? i'm excited to play hair again real soon! will you join me in a few {52 before 25} goals/challenges?!

love love

p.s. sorry about the lack of hello's from my end. i've been tre sick - still am + have a lovely sexy man voice. hope your'e well friendlikins!

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