Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? hope your'e fine + dandy. i haven't been so fine or dandy... i've been quite sick, hence no hello's from moi. i've had a nasty cough + fever + runny nose, all the fun things that come with having bronchitis + tonsillitis. so i've spent the last week in bed or on the couch. i knew i was sick when i didn't feel like crocheting! the hubby was sick too + had the week off work, so we ended up watching quite a few movies. our viewing pleasure looked a lil something like this:

iron man 1

iron man 2

iron man 3

moonrise kingdom

spongebob squarepants


catching up on elementary

grand designs

i'm feeling much better now, but not quite in tip top shape. i'm quite eager to go for a walk + not feel like i'm going to pass out! that would be nice. i'm excited about getting back into sewing bunting + crocheting scarves + making brooches for my etsy store. and just in general getting things done!

how crazy to think that we are nearly at the end of autumn?! have you been enjoying the orange crunchy goodness of the leaves? let's make it our goal for the week - let's get crunching!

a snuggly bundle of moose

sir bumble the snuggly

it was so lovely to have these snuggle buddies whilst i've been sick - i LOVE our kitties bumble + moose, they are the BEST.  wishing you many warm snuggly kittens your way!

love love

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