Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{52 things before 25}

{vintage typewriter + shooting star}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how wonderful are the blue skies + sunshine?! a perfect autumn day to get rugged up + have autumn leaf adventures! crunch crunch crunch...

anywho, i thought i would share some exciting news! guess what?! in the last 2 weeks i've scored not one but two vintage typewriters! woooot! oh yeah... so i was gifted this chai coloured one from my lovely friendlikin josie who scored it from a school that was getting rid of it, i do believe. it works - which is tre exciting!

but the excitement continues... i went to a local jumble sale last week + scored this blue beauty!

isn't she mighty fine? and for the ridiculously amazing price of $10, even better! AND she types well too! haha can you tell i'm excited? i've wanted a vintage typewriter for a very VERY long time - and now i have two in just as many weeks! so blessed : )

now i just need to find a home for them in our teeny weeny granny flat... we're planning on renovating the kitchen + making some storage for our humble abode so it's more functional + aesthetic. there are plans of a mezzanine bed with walk in wardrobe below!

for those who are playing along with {52 things before 25} - i have now been able to cross off a couple more things from my goals list of things i want to do before my 25th birthday in december! yay! that is i have bought a vintage typewriter + i saw a shooting star the other night whilst i was looking up into the amazing beauty of the twinkly stars above! i've now completed 12 of 52 goals, woot! and made some progress with 17, and with 23 untouched + 6 months to go - i think i might need to step up my game. time to make some lists!


how are your new years resolutions/goals/challenges for the year going? hope your'e making the most of each day + enjoying all you've been blessed with!

love love

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