Tuesday, February 10, 2015

hello 2015

Hello my lovely friendlikins & hello 2015!

Wow, we are already in February. C-razy! How's the new year been treating you so far? Did you have a very merry christmas + a holly jolly new year's eve? Have you made resolutions or goals for the year?  Have you already forgotten about them, or are you trooping on like a trooper, ticking off those goals like a winner?!

It has been a pretty BONKERS kind of holiday season around here. THAT IS FOR SHIZZLE.

handmade christmas pressies

It all began when I decided that no one was missing out on christmas presents - i was going to be prepared! It looked a lil' like this: I spent October, November & December making christmas presents {crochet bow ties for the guys and painted beaded necklaces for the lovely ladies} and christmas cards {which were old lady cards that I painted bright colours and stamped}. AMAZINGLY I actually completed all presents and most people received cards.

eric & grace and mish & steve

There were christmas parties left, right and centre, the silly season indeed! Our bible study christmas party kicked off the festivities early in December {on my birthday} - we also farewelled two couples who are having babies and moving away! We miss you Grace & Eric and Mish & Steve {and your baby bumps}. We spent the night eating pizza and giving our secret santa presents {I received the 1st gift, due to it being my birthday and ended up with a super soaker which I re-gifted to my 3 year old nephew for his birthday {he literally loved it to death so much that his parents bought him a new one!} Tommy, well he ended up with an origami kit which is right up his crafty alley.

We have also done a WHOLE lot of travelling lately, including:

nelson bay adventures with dave

  • NELSON BAY - a couple of days spent with our friend dave playing board games, card games, eating fish'n'chips, gelato & having a dip at Shoal Bay.

christmas adventures in melalueca 

  • MELALUECA - my aunty and uncle's property near Wollombi, we spent a couple of days surrounded by the bush and cows wandering and geese chattering and catching up with my side of the family and exchanging presents and of course; sitting by the fire crocheting.

  • NEWCASTLE - we spent the day catching up with Tommy's side of the family, nomming delish lunch and partying on well into the evening. Followed by dessert & drinks by the fire. 

nelson bay adventures for NYE

  • NELSON BAY - we were back up at my parents holiday apartment for NYE with Andy & Emma, and met up with Lakkos. Activities included: walking up Tommaree mountian and enjoying the view,  followed by an eager walk back down to jump straight into the ocean! It was HOT. We swam, we ate gelato, sushi,  fish'n'chips, played card games, board games, computer games, went for walks, watched the NYE fireworks & generally had a jolly ol' time!

We have also enjoyed many a wedding of late:

ryan & chelsea's wedding

  • RYAN & CHELSEA'S - was a creative bohemian affair at the park in Balmain by the water. There were hay bales, poems spoken and dances performed and even a cross to signify the importance of Jesus in their life and in their marriage. The lovely bridesmaids wore lilac dresses and the groomsmen wore wooden bow ties that Tom & I handmade. Unfortunately we had to leave the reception early as Tommy had a Thief gig that night. It was a beautiful day!

andy & emma's wedding

  • ANDY & EMMA'S - was a lovely teal & peacock themed wedding with a great talk by Tom's boss Arnaldo. Tommy did a great job at his best man speech! I had the privilege of decorating the church with peacock feathers and ribbons all the way down the aisle. There were fairy lights still up from christmas - it made the church look magical!

emily & julian's wedding

  • EMILY & JULIAN'S - it was quite a hot day, and poor Emily was in a beautiful three layered silk wedding dress! It was a fairly formal occasion full of laughs. The reception was a bit of a drive, but was really lovely. A barn out in a paddock, surrounded by trees, a stream backed by a beautiful sunset! There was plenty of great food, friends and frolicking! 

  • TOBY & RACHEL'S - was quite a drive all the way to WOLLONGONG. It was a lovely, christ centred wedding. We caught the train home exhausted as we had helped Grace and Eric move the day before! {fish'n'chips and the beach were involved- so good!}

We have spent hours playing with our crazy monkey nephews & nieces - and looking forward to meeting one more on the way! 
We have caught up with our friends Brad & marissa who we haven't seen in FOREVER! It was lovely to see their new abode, catch up on life and eat yummy beef and veggie pot pie and ice cream. 

On top of all these wonderful things we have also been...

  • RENOVATING - the main bedroom at my parents abode. We've been moving furniture around the house, pulling up carpet, peeling off  REALLY old wallpaper, so old it came off easily in big sheets! Now we're scrubbing the wallpaper glue to get it ready to sand and paint!

  • CRAFTERNOON'S - i've been teaching a lovely friend Beth how to crochet over the summer. It's been lovely to hang out, craft and bless someone with a new skill. She's already quite confident after a few lessons; practicing and enjoying it - which is wonderful to see! In the last couple of weeks I've made a scarf and four crocheted necklaces and another on the way! 

  • MOVE HOUSE - we've helped Maddy {my sis-in-law} move house into this beautiful five bedroom house right across the road from the church where Mike will be working. All three kids love the house and it will be a great size with another bub on the way and also for entertaining. We spent the day moving furniture and boxes into their appropriate rooms. I unpacked most of the kitchen and entertained the kids to keep them out of the way. 

josie leaves for adventures in perth

  • GOODBYE - i said goodbye, see you later, sometime soon please to my oldest and closest friend Josie who has moved to perth to study and work as an ESL teacher. We went for a walk to the park, lay down in the grass catching up and saying goodbyes. I already miss her... 

brian & jesse's 21st birthday party {so tired}

  • 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY - it was Brian + Jesse's 'two for one deal' birthday party a few weeks ago.  It was full of insightful speeches, catching up with friends,  feeling old and crocheting - followed by a sudden thunder storm that had us all racing inside!

engagement party fleurs and crochet necklace making time!

  • ANNA & TIM'S ENGAGEMENT PARTY - we ended january with a lovely engagement party in the garden of a beautiful home in Killara. It was a night of tasty treats, catching up with friends, listening to good music and celebrating the couple of the night! I spent most of the night sitting down crocheting as I had decided that it was about time that I wore my beautiful teal wedding shoes which I hadn't worn since our wedding, as they are platform stilettos and I cannot walk so well in them!

Well that was a mouth full! Well done for getting through all of that! I hope it was an enjoyable read : ) it's been a lovely,  exhausting and event-filled couple of months! I wonder what other adventures God has planned for 2015? I reckon it's going to be jam packed full of goodness! 


love love

p.s. COMING SOON: 2015 goals.

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