Tuesday, August 19, 2014

making the most of rainy days


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you, this raining buckets-full-of-cats-and-dogs kind of day? did you see what i did there? haha it has been raining A LOT, these last few days, and i do believe that it will just continue to drizzle upon our noggins for the rest of the week. i actually enjoy the rain. i know it can be cold and wet and windy and make it tricky to get out of cars, and even tricky to get out of bed. BUT, there are so many good things about rain.


here is a list of reasons why i LOVE rain:

1. listening to the sound of rain pitter patter upon the rooftops, car roofs and umbrellas.

2. sometimes with rain, you get thunder and lightning! i love storms.

3. it's socially acceptable to wear gumboots - which are also great for splashing in puddles!

4. snuggling under the doona with a hot chai {or hot chocolate} and reading a book.

5. all the plants look so fresh and green when it's raining - and the rain is so good for the farmers!

do you LOVE rain too? maybe not so much? that's ok. maybe you could try out one of my handy tips for making the most of rainy days?

{original source unknown}

love love

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