Friday, August 1, 2014

learning: to live with ACTION over GOOD INTENTIONS


hello lovelies!

how are you, have you been on many adventures of late? lots + lots has been happening over my way! one of which is moving house. tom, bumble + moose, and i are now residing with my in-laws {they're the best!}. bet you can't guess what room we're staying in?! {cough} the LAUNDRY {cough} it's actually better than you would imagine. it's quite a large room, with storage areas + before we moved in i scrubbed the walls + floors + painted every inch of it! perhaps i shall give you a pictorial tour of our tiny abode. would you like a looksies?

the boys + i have been living here for 4 months already! crazy town. and we may or may not have half our things still in boxes... ahem. BUT, the other night i took ALL the boxes out of the storage area + emptied + organised the contents + moved the computer to a more appropriate location. i now have a little office area + new stools from ikea! we can't watch tv in bed anymore but i think it is a change for the better.


i'd been meaning to unpack the boxes + make our space nicer... unfortunately thinking about doing it, doesn't actually get it done! so i have resolved to live with ACTION over GOOD INTENTIONS. so no more just thinking about doing things, ACTUALLY doing it! even if it seems a bit scary, or i don't feel ready for it or doubting my skills or plain old making excuses. no more i say, no more!


what would you do if you started living with ACTION over GOOD INTENTIONS? would you spend more time with your family + friends? would you have screen free time? would you change your uni degree or just change your hair?

what would you change about the way you live your life? are you living with purpose? the first change i made was a simple tidy + now i have an office space instead of piled up boxes. yay! it means that i can now actually use the computer - i'm excited to be able to blog again!


will you join me in DOING THINGS?!

love love

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