Friday, January 17, 2014

{i LOVE...}

{things i'm loving lately on pinterest}

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hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine + dandy sunshiney day? hope all is well with your soul! here are a few things that are tickling my fancy on pinterest at the mo:

{this juicy lemon print, makes me want to open a lemonade stand}

lemon print {via}

{the confetti, the layers, the gold fork + polkadot plate}

strawberry confetti cake {via}

{love her hair}

lovely short hair {via}

{awesome retro tin}

vintage tin {via}

{this little guy is the cutest thing}

this guy {via}

{succulent garden, here i come}

beautiful succulents {via}

are you on pinterest? share in the comments below! i'd love to see what your world looks like.

love love

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