Monday, January 27, 2014

{2014 resolutions!!!}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you feeling about the new year? good vibes or a tad stinky? have you been having lots of wonderful summer adventures, lovelies? what are your goals + plans + dreams + adventures for this year? are you continuing on from last year or have you made a change in the direction your'e taking?

i'm feeling really good about 2014, i think it will be a wonderful year of change + growth + adventures + mystery + am looking forward to doing life with my hubby {tom}, kitties {bumble + moose}, my friends + family + with you lovelies too! i'm excited for tommy to be touring australia + going overseas with thief this year {although i've already had a cry - i'm going to miss him!} i'm keen beans to be blogging more, working on my consistency + content + general bloggy goodness - so watch this space! i'm keen to get back in the studio, churning out some bunting + other handmade goodies for my etsy store {milk + sugar story}. i'm already enjoying weekly fun times with the 3 munchkins i'm nannying for + all 5 nephews + neices!

what are you looking forward to? anything that your'e counting down the days til?! i think it's important to have plans + goals + things to look forward to. it really helps to give you direction + not spend all day thinking... umm... what now? if you've been following along, you may know that last year i had quite an ambitious list of goals that i wanted to achieve! 52 things before 25, was a list that i still want to achieve but will be on the back burner + not being my top priority, as there was just so much, that it was quite overwhelming. i think it will take another year or so to cross everything off my list - but a huge contributing factor to my lack of finishing my goals, was having a lack of money. so one of my goals for this year is to be working more + saving.

my resolutions for 2014 are continuing on from last year, as i think they are important + need continued maintenance. my resolutions include, working on my health, relationships + getting things done. my goals in a nutshell are:

{health}: i'm working on eating more veggies + going on more bike rides!

{relationships}: writing letters to friends + making time to spend with friends + jesus in prayer + his word!

{getting things done}: basically i need better time management so i can achieve more things towards my biz, blog, and life in general!

since the end of last year i've been working on a new planner system to get me organised for the new year. i'm still making changes + seeing what works, so i can be ticking the boxes rather than being consumed by my list of goals! at the moment i'm using a planner i bought for my hsc year, which is a personal sized planner + which i've been using as a wallet to help with the change over. i am however, still using my kikki k A5 planner, but am tweaking it to my needs for this year. i also have a household planner, that will help me organise all my house wife duties, like cleaning + meal plans + what not.

later on, i'll share with you my system, when it's looking pretty + helping me get things done! do you use a planner? perhaps a filofax? mmm... so good. what are your resolutions for 2014? remember it's never too late to think about how you want to spend your life! what do you want to achieve this year? i want to be living + loving intentionally! will you join me? i'd love to hear, share below in the comments!

love love

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