Thursday, January 30, 2014

{lizzie's life lately}

{summer adventures}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine + dandy day? hope all is swell : ) it's crazy to think that it's already nearly the end of january! this weekend is the start of february! ai ai ai! i hope you've been making the most of your summery holidays + feeling fresh + rested + inspired + motivated for a new year + what it has to offer! i know i am : )

here are my january summer adventures:

* new years eve - newcastle, train trip, dance party, beach adventures!

* bike rides!

* snail mail - receiving packages + writing letters to friends!

* friends over for dinner + games + movies + fun times!

* parties - birthday + going away party times!

* gig - tom's dad's gig!

* kinokuniya!

* watched - torchwood + grimm + new girl + the hobbit 1 + 2 + the princess bride!

* fun times with family!

* getting things ready for tommy to go overseas with thief!

* australia day - listened to the hottest 100 + church + bbq {amazing choc, cinnamon + banana cupcakes!}

* trying out my new sewing machine that i got for my birthday!

* craft - crocheting a mexican inspired granny square blanket + learnt a variation to the granny sqaure!

* hair cut - it's all gone!

* listening to audiobooks - terry pratchett + the museum of curiosity + i like you hospitality under the influence by amy sedaris!

* reading - the jane austen book club!

*writing in kikki k sentence a day + today i am thankful journals!

*mended some clothes - it's like i have a new wardrobe!

what have you been up to? i'd love to hear all about your january adventures!

love love


  1. It sounds like you're having a great summer! Isn't snail mail the best? I love it too. xoxo

    1. hi laura,

      thank you for your lovely comment! indeed, it has been a pretty good summer : )
      just checked out your blog. i see you like to knit + craft your socks off too! i particularly liked how you had painted the ball of wool + knitting needles on your skates! see you round in the bloggy world. thanks again for stopping by : )