Monday, September 23, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

{taking stock pip style}


hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? hope things are swell : ) sometimes it's good just to stop + think about life - what's happening + why you do what you do + just to get a snippet into what your life looks like at this very moment. i'm taking stock, pip style:

Making : a quilt for the hubby + i
Cooking : lots of pancakes
Drinking : strawberry + lime cider {koppaberg}
Reading: searching for God knows what by donald miller
Wanting: to make our house a home
Looking: for work
Playing: minecraft {tommy got me into it}
Wasting: time {see above}
Fixing: a bag full of clothes
Deciding: what to do on my to do list
Wishing: i was more productive
Enjoying: spending so much time with the hubby
Waiting: for the right time to have babies
Liking: that there are so many babies to play with
Wondering: when i can get in the studio to craft
Loving: friends + family
Pondering: whether i should go for a bike ride this week
Considering: what to wear tomorrow
Watching: kitties play
Hoping: it won't be too hot this summer!
Marvelling: at God's AMAZING grace
Needing: sleep at an earlier hour
Smelling: delish dinner
Wearing: a stripey dress
Following: way too many people on pinterest
Noticing: that i need more exercise
Knowing: that it's tommy's birthday on tuesday
Thinking: i should probably do something for him
Feeling: sleepy
Admiring: those who are so full of love
Buying: things from the as-is section at ikea
Getting: things done
Bookmarking: things to share here on the bloggidy blog
Opening: our house to friends + family
Giggling: over dinner tonight at silly things
Feeling: happy

will you join us? would be awesome if you shared in the comments below or a link so you can share a snippet of your life too!

love love

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