Thursday, September 26, 2013

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hello lovely friendlikins!

HAPPY THURSDAY! how are you this fine day? hope your'e ready to soak up the sunshine today - cause there's going to be plenty of it! i thought today i would share something that i've been really loving lately/have always loved - embroidery! whether it's cross-stitch, tapestries, crewel stitch, vintage or abstract - they ALL tickle my fancy! do you like to stitch? what kind of stitchy goodness do you make? the other night, i was itching for some stitch'n. so i retrieved my woollen tapestry thread + i've started on a 'make it up as i go along' project, which shall feature on our walls {probably not for a long time, due to the time consuming nature of it}. i really love the process of making things. crafting something that didn't exist before now + each day watching it evolve + change. i really enjoy sitting + crafting, taking things slow. will you take things a little slower with me? get out your crafty projects, sit, relax, and feel restored for a new day!

hope you have a lovely day : )
i'm off for a bike ride in the park!

love love

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