Thursday, September 26, 2013

{52 things before 25}

{roller derby inspiration}

hello lovely friendlikins!

so we appear to be approaching the end of september. where did it go?! with only 2 1/2 months til my 25th birthday, i really need to get a move on with achieving my 52 things before 25 goals! you can see how well or not i'm doing over here. one of my goals is to go to a roller derby! i think it would be quite an experience! have you been? know of any good places to check out some skating action? have YOU been skating of late? i'm thinking that a skate along the beach at manly would be quite nice. yes indeedy : ). fish 'n' chips would be nommed, some gelato too! mmm... but maybe not on such a windy day like today - how crazy is this weather?!

i haven't been roller skating since primary school, so it will be quite an amusing day me thinks! i wasn't very good at skating in the good ol days, let alone now... haha. i was good at roller blading - but that doesn't have quite the same retro feel as roller skating. oh! that reminds me, i saw a guy roller blading with ski poles + ski like skates, whilst i was on my bike ride this morning. just a guy in short-shorts, doing his thang. haha

now i'm feeling inspired to organise a roller derby adventure + do some skating myself! i just need to do one more thing. watch this movie, and i'll be set!

wishing you many days of old school fun times!

love love

p.s. how AMAZING are the vintage disco clog/skates?!


  1. Oh rollerskating is on my list too, though I'm nervous, I tried a few years ago and could not get it! I just kept falling over! Vintage skates would make it even more fun though! Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.

    1. thanks for your lovely comment! maybe this is the year that we conquer rollerskating! oh, and if we fall over, we can just pretend we're training for all the bumps + bruises that roller derby bring! haha good luck! xx