Monday, September 9, 2013

{spring style}

hello lovely friendlikins!

spring has sprung + so has my desire to wear bright colours, cute polkadots, maxi skirts, florals + lace! are you excited for spring? yay for sunshine, flowers + fun times! i've done my wardrobe change over from winter/autumn to spring/summer + my wardrobe seems to be lacking in the clothes i can actually wear department. dangitty dang. i can feel a spring clean of my wardrobe coming! organising! oh, i am easily excited : P. tommy + i have pledged to not buy any new clothes for the next year - only secondhand + homemade allowed. i guess we've chosen to do this for a few reasons:

1. clothes are ridiculously expensive

2. we have no moolahs

3. why would you spend $50 on a shirt when you can get it for $2

4. i've always wanted to make my own clothes

5. tommy wants to learn how to sew

6. it's all part of our dream life plan of living more sustainably

7. it's creative + fun!

will you join us in our sustainable quest? to make clothes that actually suit your body shape + size? and create your own style + learn new skills in the process? sounds good to me! hope it tickles your fancy too : ) let me know!

wishing you lovely picnics in the park + twirly dresses to you this spring!

love love

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  1. Hi Liz :-) Just dropping by your sweet blog to say hi! Things are looking pretty nice around here :) I love that I'm not the only one who makes long list of things to accomplish... Mine never get completed though.
    xo Sarah
    nice ink btw