Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

snap shot of my life {link}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? long time no see! it's SPRING?! c-razy... what's been happening in your neck of the woods? last time we hung out i was sharing about tommy + my 1 year wedding anniversary way back at the end of june. what have i been up to? why have i been virtually living under a rock? let's have a looksies!

adventures of late:

* moved house

* couples bike group

* glamour shots

* garden work - fence

* jojo + marky's birthday parties

* theif urban signed

* pa's birthday party @ our new house

* ben's party @ surry hills pub

* dave's surprise birthday party @ jamie's

* i finally got a tattoo!

* dream life planning

* had no internet {hence the no blog posts!}

* lots of friends + family over

* quilting

* listening to audiobooks

* bike rides

* eating lots of pancakes

* tommy has been practicing different braids in my hair

* freya + leo's engagement party

this + plenty more has happened in the last couple of months. we've been sick on + off. the car has been written off. we're both looking for work. and tommy got hit by a car riding his bike to work yesterday! he's ok - THANK THE LORD!

i'm excited for spring adventures! {link}

i'm looking forward to:

* blackstump

* having access to the internet

* thief urban gigs

* spring bike rides

* dream life plans in action

* setting up my craft studio

* making curtains for our new home

* finishing the quilt i'm making

* achieving more things on my '52 things before 25' list

* starting our new book club group

* making a craft group

you're a gem. {link}

thanks for stopping by lovelies!
let's play again soon : )

love love

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