Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{celebrating one year}

happy snaps from brunch

hello friendlikins!

how are you this rainy rainy day? staying dry + toasty warm i hope! how've you been? long time no see! now that the weekend of parties have calmed down {more on that later}, i thought that i would finally share with you that it was tommy + my one year wedding anniversary on sunday! wooo! for those who live in sydney you will know that it was very much storming on sunday + so tommy's secret mission celebrations that he had planned needed to change. i've never had someone plan a day for me or plan a surprise! we did start part of the celebrations though; a photo scavenger hunt - with words of tommy's choosing that i needed to take a picture of, which also related to our relationship. i think i took a few but i'll share with you when i've completed the hunt. even though we didn't get to do all the celebrating tommy had planned - he's told me that it will happen! yay! i've been told that there is a picnic involved + some other things but no deets. so exciting! hehe

on sunday we did however get to spend the afternoon at my favourite book store kinokuniya! i do believe that it's the largest bookstore in the southern hemisphere. there are SO many books! tommy + i always go straight to the arty, crafty, design section where we peruse the books for inspiration + get excited about learning new skills.

here's a few pics from our day of love:

fun party light in the crafty section at kinokuniya
got to love a bookstore that yarn bombs their own shelves + table legs!

this book is full of awesome crafty projects - you'll want to make ALL of them! and not just for children.

find + keep is full of beci orpin's colourful style : )

you should really check this one out - full of more crafty adventures!

fun bookworm pattern i found : )

it was a rainy rainy day

awesome felt ball coasters

these cuties are from monster threads

more happy snaps - sorry about the blur factor!
we had a lovely day + i'm looking forward to sharing with you our other oneiversary adventures tre soon! i feel so blessed to be apart of tommy's life. we've had an amazing, crazy year of change + learning + love + are excited about living life for Jesus together!

love love

 p.s. i would love to hear what you lovelies did for your one year wedding anniversary!

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