Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{instagram photo a day}

{may edition}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this rainy day? it's a bit chilly, so hope your'e all bundled up in lots of woolly layery goodness! before june gets too carried away, i thought i would share with you how i went with may's photo a day challenge/one last glimpse at autumn! here we go:

day 1. {i bought this!}

i went out for crochet hooks + came home with a lovely {working} vintage typewriter for $10!

day 2. {morning ritual}
day 3. {this is really good!}

day 4. {in my cup}

delish raspberry + mango sorbet

day 5. {paper}

day 6. {broken}

i'm real sick but i have a lovely snuggle buddy

day 7. {something beginning with f}

lovely vibrant fabric

day 8. {shape}
day 9. {a snack}
day 10. {stars}

day 11. {a smile}

day 12. {mother}

day 13. {sunrise/sunset}

day 14. {need}
day 15. {7 o'clock}
day 16. {mailbox}

day 17. {season}

crunch crunch crunch

day 18. {want}

day 19. {my favourite view}

day 20. {light}

lovely blue skies!

day 21. {i care about this...}
day 22. {change}
day 23. {pjs}
day 24. {go}
day 25. {us}
day 26. {fave thing to do on sunday}
day 27. {can't live without}
day 28. {what your'e doing now}
day 29. {kiss}
day 30. {tool}
day 31. {four things}

with all the rain forecast for this week i think i might need to start going for walks in the rain to capture some pretty flowers - otherwise june's photo a day will probably end up being a whole bunch of kitty pics! wish me luck : P

wishing you many lovely wintery adventures!

love love

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