Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{winter style}

hello lovely friendlikins!

HAPPY WINTER TIMES! whether your'e a fan of winter or not we're going to have to rug up to keep those chills from getting us; and that means lots of woolly layers! i've never been a fan of the colour black. i find it bland + depressing. i don't own much black clothing - a pair of jeans + a bag are pretty much it! how about you? do you dare to wear the dark side? haha. i'm LOVING that colour is becoming more popular this year! it means walking through the shops/streets won't be so dull with all the grey + black everywhere, yay! if you haven't already thought this season about injecting a bit of colour into your wardrobe/life, i reckon you should give it a try. the sky might be full of grey clouds + we might have sniffly noses, so why add to it with more mundane? why not add some colour + pattern + vibrancy to bring a smile on your face + those around you?! 

love love

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