Friday, June 7, 2013

{52 things before 25}

{book inspiration}

hello lovely friendlikins!

HAPPY FRIDAY! hope your'e feeling fine n dandy : ) are you much of a reader? is the library your kid in a lolly shop moment? i used to be a book worm. i would read in bed, on the train, in the bath, whilst i was walking to and from school. but school was a long time ago + unfortunately my book wormy ways are too. that's why i chose to read a book a month this year for my {52 things before 25} goals. i haven't been doing so well with this challenge, so i thought i would collect some book inspiration. a la the above. i did make a list of books i wanted to read, even corresponding with a month. but i think this is part of the reason why it's been tricky to get into it. it's been a bit overwhelming. so now i'm going to just start with a small book which i know i'll enjoy + work myself up from there. how are you going with your reading? i'm excited to be a book worm again, as i find that my vocab definitely expands, i learn so much + you get to experience so many adventures + lives!

i'm inspired to find the right book, a hot chai + a doona to snuggle in + read away the afternoon this winter. how about you? maybe if it's heating up in your part of the world, you might like to have a picnic or read at the beach?

wishing you many reading adventures!

love love

p.s. you can check out my 2010 book challenge here

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