Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{i LOVE...}

{pom poms}

hello lovely friendlikins!

hope you've enjoyed a lovely wintery day + aren't suffering from the wintery sniffles like tommy + i are! being sick isn't so fun... but do you know what is FUN?! POM POMS! now i don't mean the cheerleader kind. i mean the wooly, fluff ball kind. they're so easy to make + have so many uses! i found a cute beanie the other day at the shops with a pom pom on top + i've decided i'm going to learn how to make beanies + adorn them with pom poms of course! do you like pom poms? how have you used them in your crafty, wooly, fun times life? growing up i had the usual pom pom beanie, but of late i made a whole bunch of fluffy goodness for tommy + my wedding! they are now in a glass dessert bowl lookin' pretty : )

if you feel like your'e catching the pom pom bug this winter, you should craft up a fluffy ball of your own! one can learn wooly goodness over here

and if you, like me are wanting to learn how to make your very own beanie - you can download the how to deets over here via this dandy video.


love love

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