Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{instagram photo a day}

{june edition}

hello lovely friendlikins!

according to the june instagram photo challenge, my life looked a lil like this:

1. b is for...

bumble kitty chasing bugs

2. a moment

my first time through a carwash!

4. after dark

crazy selfies!

6. transport

ride your bike!

7. bright

pretty crocheted hair pins from lovely josie 

8. an animal

the cuteness of bumble + moose

10. you!

bike girl

22. enjoying life

hubby + i went for a bike ride on the weekend

june was full of snuggles + fun times with the kitties + plenty of bike rides with the hubby : ) we also went through a car wash {it was my first time - yes, i did squeal with delight!} hope y'all had lovely winter adventures + are excited for spring time!

 love love

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