Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{52 things before 25}

{tea party inspiration}

hello lovely friendlikins!

wow it's already september, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming + there are babies everywhere! have you noticed that spring is in the air? spring + autumn are my favourite seasons. not too hot, not too cold + lots is happening in nature! whether it be leaves turning into fiery shades of awesome or flowers popping up all over the neighbourhood. i'm looking forward to picnics in the park, making + wearing lovely floral dresses + enjoying the sunshine + all that the LORD blesses us with. i'm looking forward to achieving more on my '52 things before 25' list + also noticing that there are only a few more months until december 9th... there's plenty more on my list to get done, so i've got to get my butt into action! also kinda freakin' out about turning 25... 25! thats half way to 50. a quarter century! whilst i come to terms with the whole age thing, i'll be planning my big *cough* 25th *cough* BIRTHDAY PARTY! i didn't have a 21st, so i thought a big 25th would be dandy fine : ).  since there should be plenty of sunshiney goodness i'm thinking it would be lovely to have a TEA PARTY, with an abundance of baked goodies, bunting, sun dresses + bow ties! a picnicky crafternoon full of fun times sounds dandy fine to me : ). hopefully i can figure out how to make some granny square cookies like the ones above - how cute are they?!

well, i've got plenty of things to do!
hope you have lovely, productive, joyful spring days too!

love love

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