Friday, April 19, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

pretty fleur

hello ello friendlikins!

how are you this fine autumn day? hope you've had a lovely week full of life's adventures! sorry about the lack of posts this week, i've been sick on + off. but today i'll bring you up to date with the happenings.


lil alex

duplo blocks - fun to play with, painful to stand on.

i started off the week spending the day with hannah, steve + lil alex. my lovely sister-in-law + her fam! we had toasted sandwiches for lunch, nomnomnom... then it was play time for alex + i, + move furniture around + get organised without a little munchkin around for han + steve. alex + i spent a fun filled few hours at soft play. there was much car racing + opening + closing of doors + milkshake drinking. a jump or two on the jumping castles + a slide down the elephant slide. we had a lovely time : ) we later met up with tommy + had a delish moroccan chicken dinner.


  my element eden knit off comp scarf in the making!

thanks kaeliface!

a day on the couch crocheting + knitting. followed by pub trivia with our lovely community group! also scored some really lovely wool from kaeli {thanks!} + some crafty things to make for ryan!


tasty treats

delish muffins

pretty plate

i spent the morning in the park eating breakfast, whilst crocheting + {cough} pinning... followed by lunch with tommy + his mumma {aka nonna}, at the bookstore tommy works at. a toasted chicken sandwhich later + nonna + i were off to bake! we had a lovely afternoon baking choc-chip cookies, apple + cinnamon muffins + banana, date + oat muffins. which we nommed for afternoon tea when tommy arrived.


snuggles with bumble

yesterday i was feeling quite sick. i felt my sinuses were going to explode! i did as much couch sitting + crocheting as i could + then after a big glass of water was back in bed + slept off the pain til tommy came home. normally tommy has band practice for thief urban but last night we watched a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy + rush hour - the hubby's choice but i tre enjoyed them!


upholstery fabric bunting

loving my new bamboo yarn!

which brings us to today. my plan is to blog up a storm. aiming for a few posts today! also to get as much bunting sewn + granny squares crocheted as i can for my etsy store! if you haven't checked it out yet you can head over here. should be restocking this weekend - lots of woolly scarves to keep you toasty warm as it grows more chilly + lovely bunting to keep your spirits up during the grey weather!

thanks for stopping by lovely friendlikins!
do stay for some chai, muffins + some crafty good times!

love love

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