Friday, April 12, 2013

{52 things before 25}


hello ello friendlikins!

happy friday! hope you're having a lovely day full of love, joy + working hard! {for the LORD, for my friendlikins out there who love Jesus}

i thought today i would share with you from my list of 52 things before 25. one of my goals before i turn 25 is to get a tattoo! i've wanted one for quite some time, but due to it's permanent nature i've had some trouble trying to decide on what i'd like, where to put it + who to ink me up. there is also the moolah factor - they aren't cheap! i've been told it's $80 just to get the needle out - eek! oh yeah + there's the pain factor too...

for my inky friendlikins out there - what did you get? did it hurt like crazy? any helpful hints + tips for an ink newbie? it would be super awesome if you could get me in the loop, as i'm eager to get inking!

above are some photos of inky goodness that i'm inspired by. i've wanted a teal typewriter {the mechanical kind} for ages, and have been thinking that it would be mighty nice to get it inked. you can peruse the inky goodness more closely by clicking on the links below:

i really LOVE the colourful ones, they're so pretty... if you would get a tattoo, what would YOU get?
thanks for stopping by lovelies : ) now to some not so painful crafty goodness - i'm bunting up a storm today! any crafty adventures on your agenda today?

love love

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