Thursday, April 11, 2013

{autumn style}

hello ello friendlikins!

happy thursday! how are you this fine day? hope all is well : ) the sunshine is so lovely today. any crafty shenanigans or adventures planned for today? i'm thinking of doing the following:

***going for a walk + soaking up the sunshiney goodness***

***stopping by my local craft store for calico so i can bunt up a storm tonight***

***i'll need to do some chores like taking the clothes off the line***

***working on my element eden knit off project***

***snuggling with the kitties***

***spending time in the WORD + hanging out with my AWESOME God***

i'll also be dreaming of cooler weather where i can don some of the lovely autumn clothes above! are you looking forward to snuggling under quilts, drinking tea, watching the rain from your window + getting cozy in layers + knits too? mmm... sounds good to me!

love love

p.s. sources for the lovely autumny goodness above:

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