Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

{according to instagram}

hello friendlikins!

how are we all? long time no see. hope you're fine n dandy! here's a snippet into my life over the last couple of weeks according to instagram. lots has been happening!

pretty pink fleurs

pizza ingredients ready to be nommed

ripe juicy tomatoes

Easter long weekend tommy + i spent lots of time with family + friends + eating lots of homemade pizza oven pizza! friday, monday + tuesday was pizza time. nomnomnom!

sunshine flowers

lovely black swans

tommy + i went for a 3 1/2 hour walk on saturday afternoon. we didn't think it would take that long! but it was lovely to see some pretty flowers + black swans. half way through we stopped for some very much enjoyed ice-cream! we also spent some time reflecting on the reason for the sea on - Jesus' death + resurrection + sharing what we most LOVE about Jesus. 

diy fringe

pretty pink fleur

fire pit kept us warm

beautiful + delicious carrot cake

festive decorations

lovely flowers everywhere

last weekend tommy + i spent the weekend in the blue mountains. all the family from sydney + melbourne made the trip up the mountain. some having driven 12 hours! the reason for the huge shindig was... well quite a few things really! there was tom's uncle john marrying his lovely now wife dante {congratulations!} asher celebrated her 21st + hannah her 30th + ouma {tommy's grandma} celebrated her 70th birthday, also finishing her masters in journalism + celebrating 40 years in australia {originally from south africa} with her children! just a few things. we had a lovely time in a huge house; playing board games + card games, nearly everyone playing a guitar jamming into the wee hours! i spent some time working on some knitting + the quilt. we ate lots of wedding feasty-food + fish'n'chips for dinner! really missing all the peeps. good times were had : )


bike girl aka me

after a crazy weekend of family, tommy + i went for a bike ride. our first as a married couple. actually first ever together! this is due to the fact that i haven't ridden a bike for 10 yrs... the last time being when  i rode without working brakes, went down a huge hill + thought i was going to end up in the dirty dirty river. luckily i did survive + didn't go for an unwanted swim but i'd never ridden again since that day. now that i'm an adult i need to ride on the road. so i did that for the first time. and we rode for 2 hours, so we ended up riding in the dark. my first time for that too! i survived due to my very lovely handsome + helpful hubby who guided me along the way! can't wait to go for another ride! all i need is my own bike.

kitty rascals

so this happened the other night. i came out to find a toilet papery mess all over the floor. i'm not sure if it was both bumble + moose or just one. such rascals!

as you can see i've been pretty busy of late! i've also had a few projects in the works - the crafty, bloggy, etsy kind. due to all the crazies i have been getting a tad sick - hence the lack of me being in the blog world. but sometimes we just need to rest + enjoy our real lives. i've also gotten back into using my hectic planner - which i basically haven't touched in a month... whoops! how's YOUR life been lately? any adventures or skills learned or thoughts to share? would LOVE to hear them!

love love

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