Wednesday, March 27, 2013



LOVE this! - here

do it now calendar - here

lovely wool storage - here

suitcase storage! - here

lovely old sewing machine - here

pretty bowls of wool - here
sounds good to me! - here

hello lovely friendlikins!

for those crafty foxy ladies out there - do you spend as much time dreaming of a craft studio as i do? i had so much fun the first time, i thought i would share some more lovely things for my future studio! woot! where so you look for inspiration? what kinds of things do you like to make? i spend WAY too much time on pinterest  {is what my beautiful hubby would say}. BUT i would say it is worthwhile as it brings so much inspiration + info + ideas + progress in getting things done. whether it's being organised, planning for our dream home, learning new skills, or being open to ALL the possibilities! plus i only pin when i'm watching tv or something like that... i have A LOT of pins but i find them quite valuable.

crafty things i've been doing lately include:

***crocheted envelopes***
***crocheted chain scarves***
***crocheted pin cushion***
***crocheted chunky bracelet***
***crocheted bag***
***crocheted stool cover***

and that's just in the last couple of weeks! as you can see i LOVE to crochet : ) do you?

love love

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