Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{today is...}

 {hot + crafty}

chain scarf will be in stock soon @ milk + sugar story

hello friendlikins!

how are we all? hope all is fine + dandy this fine day! have you been enjoying the summer heat? i'm not a huge fan. don't get me wrong. i LOVE blue skies, fluffy white clouds, enjoying the vibrant colourful flowers whilst walking around my hood. it's just that the heat messes with my head. i think i'm allergic to the sun! i get headaches + dizzy + my body just shuts down. thanks body... but now that we are in march, i've decided that it's autumn. {which it is but it doesn't feel like it} what i mean is that i want to wear jeans + big oversized handmade knit jumpers + to try out my crochet chain scarves! it's a beautiful sunny 28 degrees today, so i think my autumn dreams may need to be on hold, at least just today!

what will you be doing this lovely {hot} day?

you will find me...

*** crocheting ***

*** escaping to somewhere nice + cool ***

*** licking icypoles ***

*** working on my etsy store {milk + sugar story} ***

*** trying not to pass out ***

*** looking forward to tomorrows storm! ***

do you LOVE storms too?

love love

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