Thursday, March 7, 2013

{instagram photo a day}

{february edition}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine day? hope it's been fine + dandy! wow... so we're into march already! crazy-town! before this month zooms us further into the year - here's how i went with the february photo a day challenge:

 1. fork

{element 6 cafe - cinnamon waffles - nomnomnom}

2. pattern

lovely embroidered patterns on my bag

3. something beginning with 'e'

{ec - evening church}

4. hope

{He is not here for He has risen!}

5. something you smelled

{lovely flowers}

6. soft

{soft lighting in bed}
7. your name

8. something orange

{lovely orange roses}

9. guilty pleasure

{pizza for dindins}

10. 3 o'clock

11. entrance

12. where you ate lunch

{ringing the tiny bell at my fave cafe!}

13. walking

{found this flower!}
14. love is...

{friends being engaged to be married!}

15. inside your fridge

{cupcake from our wedding + home laid eggs}

16. perfect

{sun flares. bright, shining like the prefect, righteous Son!}

17. in your hand

{knife with bee details}

18. something you don't like

19. i am...

{so blessed to enjoy such beauty}

20. where you stood

21. full

22. makes you smile

{making lovely people smile with my bunting!}

23. a word

24. cloud

{i LOVE clouds}

25. on your bedside table

26. quiet

{i LOVE to quietly crochet}

27. playing

{i played barber - fun times!}

28. upside down

phew! yay! huzzah! i do believe that i did better this time round - woot! it's exciting being able to see progress + seeing what you can achieve. i reckon we are capable of doing so much more than we could ever imagine! particularly when i put my trust in JESUS + bring all my struggles + desires + life to Him in prayer! with JESUS we can move mountains + do it with purpose + meaning + joy + strength beyond anything that we could do ourselves! what an AMAZING God!

how've you been going with your 2013 goals + resolutions? don't give up! you planned to do those things for a reason. it will help to have your goals somewhere you can see easily + write why you want to do those things. it will help : ) please let me know how your'e going. i'd LOVE to know!

love love

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