Monday, March 4, 2013

{mixtape monday}

{jungle adventures edition}

1.  go now {tigertown}

2. forest eyes {jinja safari}

3. jungle blues {c.w. stoneking}

4. jungle drum {emiliana torrini}

5. you're an animal {jose gonzalez}

hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you? hope you had a wonderful weekend + are feeling refreshed for a new week! you may be wondering why there are so many jungle songs this week? or what sparked such jungle adventures? for one i LOVE these songs. they're fun + make me dance like a loon = good times! which i think is handy dandy to have on a monday, when most are suffering from monday-itis! also i'm pretty desperate to get out of the city now with finding so many lovely places all around australia to live/go exploring! i'm thinking of taking the hubby adventuring somewhere real soon! do you have any adventurous places you would like to share? where do you like to explore? do you like the concrete jungle or the tree kind?


love love

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