Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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cute old school letterbox via here

hello ello friendlikins!

how you going lovelies? i thought today that i would share with you a few things that i would LOVE to be apart of tommy + my dream home! come sit on my comfy couch, snuggle with the kitties + lets talk dream home : )

i'd LOVE our dream home to be somewhere that is both practical + aesthetic, not too big but not so small that we can't invite friends + family into our home to enjoy comfortably. i'd LOVE our home to be a space that reflects who we are + who we want to be. to create a space to live frugally + simply, creatively + lovingly!

it will be quite a change from living in the suburbs + so we want to start preparing ourselves/starting to live the life we want now. this involves reading up on what products are australian made + own. buying whole foods + buying less + less packaged/processed food. where we can we want to grow our own veg + herbs + buy from the local farmers market.

we are also working on our creative businesses. tommy wants to make drums + guitars + possibly furniture too! and i'm working on my etsy store {milk + sugar story}+ working towards selling regularly at the markets to sell my lovely bunting + crochet scarves + fabric bow brooches + other lovelies!

we want to live a life that uses the gifts that God has given us for His glory + not our own. we want to look after the land + respect the farmers + open our house to those in need. we want to make our footprint on this earth as small as it can be. if the whole world lived like we do here in australia, we would need 3 1/2 earths to survive! which i find quite revolting! let's make a difference where we can!

now to the design side of our dream home! these are aspects of our dream home that i would LOVE to have + would REALLY rather not compromise on when it comes to building + creating + designing our dream home...

lovely garden + gate via here

screened in verandah so kitties can play outside + not get eaten by mozzies! via here

lovely front door steps via here

cross stitched 'hello' on the screen door via here

skeleton key to open the door via here

lovely wooden beams + open space kitchen + dining via here

sparkly fairy lights + bunting in the beams via here

sliding pantry door + chalkboard wall via here

crate lounge for guest bed via here

fire place + cozy nook to read + craft + snuggle with the kitties via here

small laundry with sliding barn door via here

art + craft framed on the walls via here

clawfoot bathtub with outdoor views via here

attic bed for rainy days + starry nights via here

so they're my thoughts + dreams + plans for how i'd like it to look! does it tickle your fancy too? what would you like in your home?

if only i could invite you over to my dream home now - wouldn't that be lovely! : )

love love

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