Monday, March 18, 2013

{i LOVE...}


hello ello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine day? hope you're enjoying the lovely sunshine : ) go on any adventures on the weekend?

tommy + i were planning on going to nelson bay for the weekend {my parents have a little apartment up there with lovely views of the ocean} which would have been perfect beach weather. but due to unknown plans + not wanting to look for a friend to look after bumble + moose {our kitties}last minute, it just wasn't possible. BUT we will be planning in advance next time.

do you like to plan things? or do you like to be spontaneous? i like a bit of both.

since i've got plenty of time to relax at home at the mo, i thought i would share my favourite colour - teal!

by the way, what's your favourite colour?

you can continue to enjoy the lovely pictures above by clicking on the links below:

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{quote}   {typewriter}   {clock}   {thread}

{dianna camera}   {embroidery}   {clouds}   {bike}

love love

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