Wednesday, March 20, 2013



hello ello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine day? are you out enjoying the sunny sunshine? i went for a walk this morning in the park + it was dandy : ). another thing that i find dandy is dreaming up my perfect idea of what my craft/business studio will look like + how it will all work together + imagining me making + doing + having a grande ol time.

 here's a glimpse into what i'd really LOVE to have + what i'll work towards:

studio layout - here

mood board to inspire crafty creations - here

turquoise vintage drawers to hold crafty tid bits - here

chevron thread holder - here

vintage storage tins - here
washi tape holder - here

vintage filing cabinet - here

knitting things sitting pretty - here

poster to motivate - here

pretty paper storage - here

it would be dandy to have lots of surface space to work on - with laying out + cutting fabric. also having some interesting + useful storage - i very much like a recycled + vintage + vibrant style! i'm looking forward to having a home for my wool + fabric + packaging + projects in the making + space for the paper work/computer side of things too. at the moment we are in a granny flat + have a bedroom, a kitchen, a shower + the 'end room' aka the 'everything room'. in this room is where you will find me either eating or writing blog posts or working on crafty projects for milk + sugar story or snuggling with the kitties or the hubby on our super comfy couch! ALL the things.

how about you? do you live in a small space? what would you like in a studio? i'd love to hear your ideas : )

love love

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