Thursday, February 14, 2013

{valentine's day}

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hello friendlikins!

how are you this fine day of love? did you remember that it's valentine's day? is love in the air? i ask as i'm at home, my husband fast asleep at midday after a conversation last night that went something a long the lines of.

wifey: "so... do you want to do something for valentine's day tomorrow?"

hubby: "no. i wasn't planning on anything - it's too commercialised, so i've never gotten into it."

wifey: "oh... well i guess it's good that i didn't plan anything then."

it's true that i hadn't planned anything but i was going to do some last minute things today. what do you think about valentine's day? i used to feel the same way that tommy does - i never got into the whole flowers, chocolates + teddy bears holding hearts thing. maybe it's because i never received any. i did get a love note one time though... anywho! now that i'm married i feel different about valentine's day. i feel like it should be a day to embrace love - to go all out to be generous + embarrassingly over the top but in a non-commercial kind a way.

here's what i'd like to do/receive: {there's always next year, right?!}

*** the day would start with waking up to find a box full of hearts, with love notes + love vouchers!

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*** i would then use my breakfast voucher - to then discover that pink ombre pancakes have already been made + the house decorated with hearts + love messages!

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*** after breakfast, i would find the love adventure envelopes, full of lots of different fun times for the day/month!

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*** whilst my hubby + i are out on a fun adventure, a bundle of love would be read!

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does any of that tickle your fancy? it does mine! i think it would be lovely : )

for those who have some last minute planning or don't want to go all out - here are some easy ways to show someone you love them:

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you could write a love note/poem/draw something!

i particularly like - read their favourite book + knit them mittens!

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i think the extent of my valentines day will be colouring in this!

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perhaps my hubby will change his mind about valentines day
 - and then i can start a valentines day box full of goodies!

hope your day is really LOVEly,
whether valentine's day is celebrated or not!

love love

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