Friday, February 8, 2013

{52 things friday}

26. bunting

hello ello friendlikins!

how are you this fine day? i'm feeling dandy : ) which is a bit noice as i've been feeling pretty shocking all week. i had a migraine + have been super dehydrated - fun times. i've spent the week not doing much, sleeping in + milling around the place. but today i was up early + went for my lovely bush walk of the morn, have eaten breakfast + even done some cleaning - all before 9am! yay : ) have you had a good morning? i do hope you have!

for those playing at home - i thought i would share a more cohesive {52 things before 25} list so you can follow along or join in - whatever tickles your fancy!

26. bunting

{52 things before 25}

1. learn how to use slr camera
2. use photoshop to improve photos
3. finish quilt for hubby + i {nearly finished an extra block}
4. have a successful etsy store {it's up + running - bunting for sale}
5. learn 5 new hairstyles
6. go to a roller-derby
7. go to melbourne
8. learn a dance from youtube
9. upload something to youtube
10. create a blog i love {made changes to layout + decor + have been posting}
11. go surfing
12. learn how to say 'i love you' in 5 languages
13. sew a dress
14. write a letter to a friend
15. learn how to do nail art {i've done polkadots so far}
16. go camping
17. country fun times in melalueca
18. beach fun times in nelson bay
19. visit our families in newcastle
20. host a tea party
21. crafternoon with the girls
22. have a picnic
23. train trip adventures
24. learn how to crochet socks
25. learn how to play a song on the ukelele

15. nails - polkadots

nice work your'e halfway there!

26. sell 100 sets of bunting {sold 4 sets so far}
27. read the bible in a year {started}
28. read a book a month {started first one}
29. call a friend a week {called a couple}
30. send a postcard
31. buy a vintage typewriter
32. learn all the words to a song
33. research + plan - dream home! {very much in full swing! stay tuned}
34. make granny flat a happy place to be
35. get a tattoo
36. print photos + make wedding album
37. make wedding scrapbook
38. big 25th birthday party
39. look for shapes in clouds
40. see a shooting star
41. write in prayer journal
42. memorise a bible verse a month {making list so far}
43. memorise a chapter of the bible
44. bake something new
45. learn a new recipe a month {learnt one so far}
46. go to the park + have a swing {DONE!}
47. sell at markets once a month
48. make cat clothes
49. be in frankie magazine
50. go for a bike ride
51. go somewhere i've never been before
52. have a successful blog 

46. swing + 28. book

so as you can see it's going to be a the busy year! will you join me? cheer me on? kick my butt when i'm slacking off + distracted? it's already february, one month down + plenty still to achieve!

hope you have a fantastical day!

love love

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