Monday, February 4, 2013

{mixtape monday}

{fun times edition}

hello ello friendlikins!

how be you this fine day? can you believe its february already?! c-razy. here are some fun tunes to get you ready for your monday - dance, sing + make the most of the day the Lord has made! just because its monday, doesn't mean it needs to be dreary. its the start of a new week, new adventures + things to learn + people to see + memories to be made!

1.  je veux te voir {yelle}

2. cameo lover {kimbra}

3. hold you {thief urban}

4. little talks {of monsters and men}

5. safari disco club {yelle}

what will you do today to make monday a joy? what will your life look like when your'e living with purpose + meaning + achieving your goals + working towards your dreams? will you consider those around you or just think about me, myself + moi? who's in control of your life - you, God, or someone else?

just a few things to think about as you start your week. i plan to let God guide me, to let His will be done + not mine. thing is He wants whats best for me - He's good like that!

happy monday lovelies!
love love

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