Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{52 things before 25}

challenges for 2013

hello ello friendlikins!

how be you on this fine day? hope all is fine n dandy : )

i thought i would finally share with you about my {52 things before 25 - challenge} that i've set for myself in 2013!

as i said in my previous post - its all about:

<> 52 things before 25
- a challenge that i created for myself
- it involves many things i'd like to do before i turn 25
- it incorporates many things that encompass my 3 main goals of 2013 {relationships + health + getting things done}

so what does this look like? i made a list of 52 things that i would like to achieve - things that are daily, weekly, monthly or one offs! anything from reading a book a month, to having a crafter-noon with the girls, to buying a typewriter! i'm excited for this epic year of getting things done! can you tell? haha are you excited to live with action over intention + carpe diem {seize the day!}? my lack there of was my inspiration for my 52 things, and since it's my 25th birthday this year in december {that's a quarter century - eek!} i thought that would be a good kind of due date!

lets have a looksies shall we?!

52 things before 25 {1-27}

52 things before 25 {27-52}

first i made a list of all the things that i wanted to achieve in 2013 + then i went through them to decide what would be daily, weekly, monthly or a one off!

then it was onto the fun part of colour coding with STICKERS! yay! lots of colours is what tickles my fancy + keeps bringing me back to check out my list of things to do, my goals + purpose driven year.

we're nearly a month into the year already! wow... well i better get a move on, there's lots to do! don't get me wrong, i haven't touched on things here + there - but i haven't quite gotten into the full swing of things - the main thing is that there has been progress!

how's your year been so far? any plans/challenges/goals/resolutions? would love to hear how it's going + be inspired by adventures to be!

p.s. sorry about the sideways pics - i'll need to learn how to get them the right way round! any tips? there's always google + handy dandy youtube!

love love


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    1. i'm so sorry, i accidentally removed your comment instead of replying! i didn't even get to read it. thanks for your lovely comments xx

    2. Oh no worries, it's easily done! I was just loving your list, and wondering where you got your binder it looks amazing?!

    3. oh thank you lovely : ) yeah it's a lovely planner from kikki k, not sure whether you can get it anymore though... but there are plenty of lovely new ones in stock! how are you going with getting the things done on your list? xx