Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{2013 - the year of epicness!}


hello friendlikins!

how are you on this toasty hot day? its hot like an oven in here! hope you're staying cool : )

an epic 2013 aye? how does one do such a thing? i hear you say. well, I'm sure it could take many forms - but this here is just a snippet of ALL the things that i've planned for this crazy year called 2013!

my epic planner!

within my epic planner for 2013, my {2013 CHALLENGES} read as follows:

<> 52 things before 25
<> blog posts
<> dream job e-course
<> instagram photo challenge
<> blogging 101 
<> granny a day
<> 52 weeks to an organised home
<> #52 lists {pip}
<> 52 lists {moorea seal}
<> kikki.k happiness project
<> apartment therapy - january cure

ahh... so just a few things to keep me busy! but this is not all. there is MORE. bah bah bah... are you crazy lizzie?!?! yes, maybe i am. i've been told i'm an all or nothing kinda person. i'm starting to see that more now as i look at my list of 11 challenges... hmm, anyways! i think i may share the rest via youtube. stay tuned!

so what does it all mean? how would i go about such crazy endeavours? i here you say, well - here we go!

<> 52 things before 25
- a challenge that i created for myself
- it involves many things i'd like to do before i turn 25
- it incorporates many things that encompass my 3 main goals of 2013 {relationships + health + getting things done}

<> blog posts
- the plan is to post here on handmade lizzie at least three times a week
- i have a blog calendar + everything

what a beautiful life - source

dream job - source

<> dream job e-course
- created by the lovely elsie + emma of a beautiful mess
- the course is all about hints, tips, personal experiences for starting your own small indie business
- you may have noticed the button on my blog to the right
- i started it ages ago - but life, my wedding + sickness got in the way

january photo a day challenge - source

<> instagram photo challenge
- created by fat mum slim {aka chantelle}
- i've been apart of the photo challenge community since jan 2012
- i only missed one month in 2012 + generally finished 2/3 of the photos
- if you don't know what its all about - you take a photo every day with daily prompts, different ones each month
- really great for capturing the fun times in life - adventures to share + memories captured

blog school - source

<> blogging 101 
- blogging school created by pip of meet me at mikes on just b
- started late last year but CHRISTmas crazies got in the way
- a school + community of bloggers or bloggers to be who want to learn + encourage each other

granny a day - source

<> granny a day
- a challenge to crochet a granny square a day
- also created by the pip of meet me at mikes
- i've spoken about it over here before

52 weeks organised home - source

<> 52 weeks to an organised home
- found via my adventures on pinterest
-  projects for every week of 2013
- and for every room

book of lists - source

<> #52 lists {pip}
- also a pip production
- a list a week
- to read + to create your own lists following pip's prompts
- so far its been - suburbs lived in + jobs had


<> 52 lists {moorea seal}
- i'm following this lovely ladies lists
- i'm going to join in to with the making of lists
- as you can see - i LOVE making lists!
- so far its been - words that touch your soul + your greatest comforts

happiness project book - source

<> kikki.k happiness project
- i dont know too much about this one
- looks like a good one
- who doesn't want to be happy?!

apartment therapy day 1 - source

<> apartment therapy - january cure
- the january cure is all about the new year, getting things done around your home

i'll be sharing about all of these right here on blog land - i hope that it will inspire you to do things you've never done before, to make the most of each day + to enjoy life! sharing here will also be a way of keeping me accountable.

it would be awesome if you joined in with me in a challenge or two or all of them if your'e also feeling a lil looney! let me know in the comments below, that would be dandy : )

thanks for dropping by friendlikins!

love love

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