Thursday, January 10, 2013

{new years eve + resolutions}

{merry CHRISTmas}
our diy paint chip CHRISTmas tree!

hello lovely friendlikins!

merry CHRISTmas + happy new year! hope your holidays have been full of fun times + adventures + rest + lots of memories made for years to come! did your holidays involve travelling over the seas? or more of a stay- cation like tommy and i? due to tommy only having CHRISTmas day and boxing day off work, it didn't feel too much like a holiday. but we did have the blessing of house sitting for a friend {lovely chelsea + her fam} whilst they were adventuring around thailand. it was so lovely to have a lovely big home, with three extra kitties for bumble + moose to play with!

our gorgeous bumble + moose!

how was your CHRISTmas day? were you at the beach or did you travel to see extended family or just lunch at home with your parentals? tommy + i had a lovely seafood lunch with his parents - comprising of salmon + prawns + roasted veggies. we spent the afternoon making paper snow flakes to string up to decorate their home for the big CHRISTmas dinner two days later!

here are some pics from our CHRISTmas: 

crowns for all

crown time

our token xmas present

xmas party pants

bling bauble

snow flakes!

wright tradition - cocopops for xmas breakkie

oliver brown pre-CHRISTmas fun times!

{happy new year!}

how crazy to think its already 10 days into 2013?! are you still recovering from new years eve + general holiday party mode? whats your year looked like so far? tommy + i had a very quiet new years eve - involving junk food, a few friends, and a few dvds. we didn't even watch the fireworks - which i think was a first for me! how were they? oh what was the pic on the harbour bridge?! we did watch veronica mars, beetlejuice and fantastic mr fox - of which i recommend all three be on your list of things to watch in 2013 if you haven't done so already!

{new years goals}

are you excited about the year ahead? i know i am! so many things to plan + look forward to : )
i've been working on my 2013 planner since november 2012 - its pretty epic, as it's going to be an epic year!

LOVE my kikki.k planner 
yep she's chunky
but she's pimped out with all the sweet hook ups!
new year means new years resolutions! to start fresh, to live with purpose + do good. you should totes check out this video - i think it will help in helping you figure out what not only what you want your year to look like, BUT YOUR LIFE! what are your new year's/life goals?

mine look a bit like this:

new years goals!

so as you can see my 3 goals for the year are to focus on relationships, to be healthy + get things done. how did i come to this conclusion i hear you say? first up, i thought it would be a good idea to have just a few things on the list so that i would remember them. secondly, i wanted them to be things that are important and also things that i've been struggling with lately.

as i've been sick, stressed, anxious + busy - for most of 2012 really {more on that another time} my relationships have suffered + i haven't had the energy or concentration to get much done. i got the idea to have 'a year of...' from my friend josie. she's had a year of prayer + a year of joy amongst others! so this is my 'year of relationships'. to work on my relationship with God, with family and friends.

i'm excited to see what the year holds, how God will work in my life + those around me. to be a good wife, child of God, sister, daughter, aunty, and friend! it's a year of change + making the most of the time we've been given. CARPE DIEM!

i'd love to hear what your goals + inspiration is for the year! hit me up in the comments section below. stay tuned for more new years goals + challenges for 2013!

love love

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