Thursday, February 28, 2013

{instagram photo a day}

{january edition}

hello friendlikins!

how be you? hope all is well! thought i would share with you how i went with the january photo a day challenge on instgram bought to us by the lovely chantelle of fatmumslim. have you been playing along? i really enjoy the challenge - although i generally only get 2/3 to 3/4 done!

here's how i went:

1. today

{adventures at ikea}

2.  something new
{apple dress for my b'day}

3. heart

4. the view from here
{kitty cubby cuteness}

5. movement
{multi-tasking - swinging + reading in the afternoon sun in the park}

6. mine
{wish they were mine}

7. street

8. something beginning with 't'

9. paper

10. one o'clock
{dyed my hair dark chilli chocolate}

11. water
{clouds are pretty things made up of water droplets - yep}

12. surprise

13. circle
{triple choc-crunch macarons are my fav kind of circle}

14. something yellow

15. an ordinary moment
{spent this hot day blogging, sitting on one of four of these beautiful chairs we found}

16. two things

{i love - teal + polkadots!}

17. ready
{to make some bunting}

18. shadow

19. delicious
{cinnamon waffles with icecream + blueberries for brunch}
20. something you saw
{a very hungry hubby}

21. what you do
{make lists + plans}

22. corner
{bumble + moose love the corner of the bed}

23. electric
{retro phones}

24. stripes

25. landscape

26. together

27. sun

28. through

29. grow

30. down

31. yourself

as you can see i didn't complete the challenge - but i think that's all part of the journey! trying to do better each time. and whether you finish or not, you still get a glimpse of your life to reminisce on later, when you would have forgotten otherwise! so this is a little what my january looked like - how's your year been so far? hope it's been dandy fine : )

love love

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