Thursday, February 28, 2013

{lizzie's life lately}

{life + challenge update}

stained glass windows - so perdy

regularly attending church community groups has made a HUGE difference in my relationship with God + also with my brothers + sisters in Christ at EC {evening church} which is a huge blessing!

lovely morning bush walks
i've been enjoying lovely morning bush walks, drinking lots of water, eating more veg + generally having more energy + feeling good!

my handy dandy planner

{getting things done}
it's been great to have a planner! it keeps me focused + has helped me to get things done! although the last week i haven't been so good in referring to my planner which has resulted in not a whole lots being done.

but here are a few things that have been happening lately...

*** maddy + doobi's wedding + reception
*** matt + katie's wedding + reception
*** marissa + brad's engagement party
*** planning to meet up with people during the week
*** written a few blog posts


drawing block patterns

cutting pretty fabric

hand sewing the pretty pieces

{milk + sugar story}

sewing pretty bunting for 21st's!

and sexy leopard print bunting for hens parties!

 {diy haircut}
i cut tommy's hair - won't actually be worn as above! it's tintin hehe
coloured this is for tommy for valentine's day!

crocheting a blankey - i LOVE to crochet!
finally got stuck in this lovely mag!
things are happening. things are changing. things are being made + read + cut + sewed + enjoyed!
my relationships are improving, my health is too + lovely things are being seen, heard + experienced! what a blessing to feel so happy + joyful + loved by the God of the universe who cares for us!

i'm excited to see what He has instore for the rest of 2013!
how do you decide what to do? what are the important aspects of your life? what changes would you like to see in your life? do you want to start reading or writing, riding or walking, making or buying less, less getting + more giving, forgiving or loving?

how will you decide?

love love

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