Thursday, February 28, 2013

{dream home}

{dream home intro.}

lovely wooden home via pinterest

for the last month or so tommy + i have been dreaming up our dream home! it's so exciting! have you done some dream home planning yourself? how have you gone about it? we've been spending many hours on iview + youtube watching grand designs, restoration man, and restoration home. we've been thinking + planning + sharing ideas + making floor plans {i did mine over here}. we've been sketching + thinking what we need + what would work best + tommy's even been researching the joins of the structure!

beautiful verandah + bunting via desire to inspire

with very little money coming in, we knew that with our skills + enthusiasm we could build our own dream home. but HOW can you afford to build your own home if you have no moolahs? i hear you say. well, the plan is to buy some cheap land, say $10,000 - $15,000 in the bush, in a national park, somewhere that we can afford to build our dream home. with tommy's experience with wood work, with making drums + guitars, with helping his dad build their deck + with his ability to learn anything that he's interested in from youtube - whether it's dslr cameras or how to make dread locks, he's learnt it {and it AMAZINGLY stays in there!}

a tad small but it sure is cute via apartment therapy

as you can see we are VERY excited! being gen y, we never though that we would be able to afford a mortgage + we don't want to be stuck  paying for rent + the crazy rising prices of electricity! so building our own place, pretty much off the grid. with water tanks, chickens, solar panels, veggie garden, fruit trees + maybe even an alpaca!

beautuful veggie patch via pinterest

as it's a 5 - 10 year goal, we have plenty of time to try to save some money where we can + to keep planning + dreaming + learning + growing in skills + knowledge that will be valuable to create our very own dream home!
another lovely wooden home via pinterest

the plan is to regularly blog about it all here, so as to share what's happening + to make sure we don't think about it all the time + also not completely forget about it too! i hope that you too will consider to live greener + be excited about living more simply, no longer letting society make you a consumer - helping the rich become richer!

things to do now - being green! via simple mom
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