Monday, November 12, 2012

{mixtape monday}

{the awesome music video edition}

hello ello friendlikins!

how are we all? hope y'all fine n dandy! it's been crazy-town round here! hence the lack of seeing me here in blog land + probably in real life too for those who know me. a lot has contributed to this but i guess the main things are that my dad has broken his collarbone + mum is in hospital. really just relying on God's strength to get through these hard times + bring Him glory in the meanwhile! would really be struggling without Him + support from friends + family (including my beautiful hubby!) during this time. thanks so much you guys!

and due to all the stuff that hasn't been so great lately, here's some awesome music videos with awesome songs too - to get you mov'n + groov'n + to get a smile on your face! we don't need to dwell on the sucky, we can focus on the good things in life : )

1. ok go {need/getting}

2. metronomy {a thing for me}

3. kina grannis {in your arms}

4. ok go {here it goes again}

5. gotye ft. kimbra {somebody that i used to know }

hope you've got a beautiful smile on your face lovelies + hope you remember that God will bring good out of the bad, and that we can look out for the ways that He has blessed us!

would love to know whether you have a favourite music video + things you've been grateful for!

thanks for stopping by friendlikins - the plan is to be back here tomorrow with more to share with you!

love love

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