Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{home decor}

hello ello friendlikins!

how are you this fine day? fine + dandy i hope! i'm looking forward to lunch with my good friend josie (who was my head wing maiden aka maid of honour). oh!!! and guess what?! tommy + i celebrated our 4 monthiversary yesterday since we've been married. woot! well when i say celebrated, we were like 'hey 4 months - coolies!' that was the extent of our celebrations as we have no money + we've been exhausted with general life + what not. we spent the night sleeping, slept through our alarm + missed community group (aka bible study), ate dinner + watched a couple of episodes of community. if you haven't heard of community or if you have - either way you should check it out! its hilARious! 

i know i've said that i would do a post about wedding stuff... i will! we haven't even had photos printed yet! it will happen, maybe i'll even start sharing the planning process this week. we'll see how we go.

anyways, lets get into the reason your here - to check out some home decor! tommy and i have been living here in our granny flat for 4 months together - since the wedding. and i had been living here by myself for about 5 months before that. it's taken a while to settle in properly + find places for things with limited storage. luckily tommy doesn't have too much, as my crafty stuff takes up a lot of space! and will even more so when i start my crafty business up again. {milk + sugar story} - more on that another time.

our home is made up of either ikea, side of the road, handmade, op-shop, borrowed or engagement + wedding presents. thank you to all our lovely, amazing, generous friends + family who have been supporting us + praying for us + looking after us so well as we start this new stage in life. VERY much appreciated! also i haven't forgotten about thank you notes for wedding presents - they will be on the way... SOON!
so lets get into it!

i'm just showing snippits of our studio (aka end room, lounge room/dinning room/study/craft + music room) - it's the everything room! and the most exciting other than the bedroom, but that needs more work. well the whole place does really.

so here we have our mac, which i'm at currently. here you can find crafty supplies, stationary, books, decor, board games, cameras, dvds + cds - just to name a few.

our super comfy $50 opshop couch. bargain!

new edition - lamp (found)

a flower i drew for tommy

general knick-knackery

disco butterfly + dave's sunglasses

this is probably my favourite section!

stationary rainbow

knitting needles + crochet hooks at hand

diana+, and a punch bowl of wool : )

i spy a babushka

lace fan from my sis in law maddy + retro car from josie!

fabric bow brooches in the making + books!

instant pics from our honeymoon + fabric

small pieces now have a pretty home

yes, yes they do...

fabricy goodness

all the pretty colours + patterns

art work created by my clever tommy

typewriter from tommy last year for CHRISTmas

picture frame + blankies!

our makeshift curtain has lil space guys all over it!

we now have a coffee table - located in the music corner!

here ends the studio house tour. hope you've enjoyed your stay. feel free to drop by any time! maybe we could have a picnic, or have a crafter noon - that would be dandy me thinks! 

 i can't believe its nearly the end of october already! it's nearly the end of the year - crazy town! what have you been up to this month? anything exciting? i'm sure there has been - there always seems to be something going on in this thing we call life. have you started planning for CHRISTmas? since last year there was a huge rush of trying to make like 30 presents in  few days, i've already started making some presents. hopefully i can finish them this year!

hope you have a lovely day!
love love

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